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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “Wellness Advocates who are passionate about the essential oils and the education behind them are infectious to be around. This is what creates the foundation for the business opportunity to work.” Rosie Greaney & Adam Copp BRITISH ISLES Adam and Rosie made sure to take full responsibility for their business from the start, but they had great support from their upline, their family, and from the PE RF EC T 1 2 community. Adam says, “The culture is great. A lot of really great local people actively helped Rosie organize all her initial classes with no self-interest. That was a great starting point for us in Europe.” Since that time, their team has 3 spread across Europe and Australia. They always wanted to be Diamond for their own independence, for their team’s belief in the opportunity, and to have an impact on people’s health and wellness. 4 T H E BASI CS SHARING OILS. “In the beginning, we held a lot of classes, at least two to three a week, plus one-on-ones. We try to do two classes per month now that are well-prepared and have great content. Our main way of sharing is through one-on-ones. We find them more personable and effective. We also try to share oils with five people a week.” FOLLOW UP. “A lot of people are scared to follow up, but if you have taken the time to really get to know people and their needs, then when you follow up you will do it with the right intention. If someone has given you their time or invested in the product, the least you can do is follow up and provide support. Focus on what the person needs, not yourself.” SHARING THE BUSINESS. “We have found that allowing people to explore the business side of dōTERRA on their own terms is powerful. If you let other people set the tempo and see that they can make their own choices, it takes the fear away from sharing. It is when we create expectations of what sharing or doing the business looks like to us that we fear rejection or let down.” MOTIVATING BUILDERS. “Make it about their goals. Your goal is not enough for ѡѼٔMѥ́ѡЁ́ͱݥ)ݸЁѡ䁅ɔЁչȁѡȁ́ԁЁɅ)ѡ%ӊéͼɕ䁥хЁѼݽɬ͕ݥѠȁѕɱ䁽)ݡѡхЁեɽɕѥ͡t()Q䁑ѡݕɔѼЁ)ѕȁݡЁЁѽ͍ͱɥ)ѼɕєՍ͙հ́ɽѥ)ѡȁٕ呅䁱ɽѡɔЁ݅́)ɅՅɽɕͥQȁ٥胊qe)ɕЁȁ5QIIͥ́)ٕ́Ʌѕ́Ʌչٕ͔)ݡɔٕͥ䁑)иQЁͽݡɹ()ɽ́ѡ!ɕ()́Ս́ѡɅє)ݽɱݡЁ́ѡ䁡ٔѼ)ٕɍѼЁЁѥٔ!ٔ)͕ȁѕt)9ܰIٕͥٔ(+q]܁ѡˊéɕѡ)ݕ͕́ͥаͼ)ݔѡȁչх)хѱ丁]ٔɽݸͼՍt()\()ͥ́ɥѡUL)ɽɅIͥɕ()݅́ɽՍѼ͕ѥ́)Iȁ ѡ丁=͡)ͅ܁ѡɕձ̰ѠIͥ((()5QIIMM9Q%01IM!%@$)U1dUUMP()͉хѕͭ()ݡIٕͥѼɽݥѠ()ɔ]ѡ䁙܁ѼɅ()ѡȀݕͽQɔݕɔ()ѡ䁵ЁݥѠMѠI͕ݡ()́ȁչ䁑ՔѼѡɕͥ()ѡͥ́չ()ͼ܁Ѡݕ()Ѽѡ́ݕQݕɔɕ͕()Ʌٕ͕ٕݕ()ݥѠѡձɔ5QIIѡ()Ѽ͕ѡIͥ܁ѡɭ()Յ䁽ѡ́ɥЁ݅()͕݅́ѥ̰ͼݡ()Iͥ͡ɥѡ̰Ёѡ)ݕɕeЁ͕ѡɅѕ䁅)Սɔѡͥ́չѥ()MѠɕЁѼѡͭ)ѡݕɔɕѼɕє)ɕѡȁٕ̰ѡ䁍ѕѼ)եѡ̸ͥ)Iձ́ЁٕɅɹ́ɔ̸M5QII)=չ䁅ɹ͍́ɔMյ䁽ѕɄ()ѡȁɕѡȁ)Qͅ䰃q]ՙɕݥѠ٥)ȁ́ѕٕչ)ɐɍյх̸9ݹ́)嵽ɔ%ӊéݽѠѡȁ)ѡѥԁٕи])5QIIȁյȁɥɥ)ٕٔѡ͔ȁЁٕȁݼ)啅̰܁ݔٔѡɕЁ)ٕ́Ѽɥɥѥ锁ȁɽչ)ȁ̸ͥ%ӊéѕɅ䁱t()ܹѕɄ((((