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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “I know dōTERRA can help a lot of people.” Hoon Seo & Mi Sook Chang SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA Essential Oil Enthusiasts “You need absolute patience, because a dōTERRA business can’t be built all at once.” H oon Seo was introduced to Hoon’s wife, Mi Sook Chang, liked the Because of the benefits he saw his dōTERRA essential oils by Jung products as much as Hoon and they family receiving in the beginning, Hoon Hoon Lee. Hoon then applied for a both shared them so much that they knew dōTERRA had to be successful. job in the dōTERRA corporate office became Silver rank within four months. in Korea, which had just opened. He Mi Sook was not as familiar with the He says, “The quality of the essential saw how beneficial the oils were for his enrollment process and the managing family and he saw that the direct sales part of the dōTERRA business, so Hoon industry was growing quickly, so when helped her with those aspects and he was presented with an opportunity soon saw that a dōTERRA business fit For Hoon, the most important thing is to become a Wellness Advocate, he his personality well. Then he attended to let people experience the products decided to take it. convention in the United States and and educate them on how to use them. he says, “It tremendously helped me to Even if someone seems like they would have vision. Experiencing the stunning be willing to do the business, he says Like many other Wellness Advocates, dōTERRA was Hoon’s first experience with direct sales. Previously, he was growth and real culture of dōTERRA spurred me to work hard.” a general manager at SC Johnson in oils and the other products is so outstanding that there’s no chance they will be anything but popular.” you should still emphasize and focus on the products with that person and encourage them to use the products South Korea. He did a lot of consumer His wife has always supported him research into their air freshener in the business, and she still shares products while he worked there, and the products with their neighbors came out understanding the aroma and educates them on their usage. industry well. He knows from that His children share equally as be such a waste of time and effort to experience that essential oil use in enthusiastically, and all of their school only talk about the business to make Korea will only continue to grow and teachers are enrolled in dōTERRA money, and not make someone an become more commonly used. because of their recommendation. essential oil enthusiast first.” with their family first. He says, “Later I can bring up the business and talk about the compensation plan. It would S T E P S T O C R E AT I N G B U I L D E R S “You can’t start a dōTERRA business without using the products first.” 40 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 Learn and experience essential oils for yourself. Find consumers, not builders, and make them oil enthusiasts. Once you have enthusiasts, you don’t have to persuade them to become builders. They will naturally share oils with others and enroll them. *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. After that, you can help them grow as leaders by providing them with training systems. www.doterra.com 41