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FEATURE ARTICLE GET TO KNOW dōTERRA CORPORATE Karalee Mora Director of Marketing, U.S. and Canada Karalee Mora has been working in direct sales since she was 18 years old. Some of her sisters worked in a call center for a direct sales company and, since Karalee was attending college majoring in microbiology, she started working at the same company in the quality assurance department. She did the same microbial testing day after day, and a few years later she knew this wasn’t where she wanted to be. She switched her major to communications, approached the marketing department, and asked them to give her a chance. They hired her as a science writer, and Karalee excelled there for six years. She then moved to another direct sales company to manage their recognition department for another six years. “I had this theory that direct sales companies only last seven years,” Karalee says. “The first company I worked at started going downhill right around their seven-year mark, and at my second company the same thing started happening.” The company was downsizing, and they told Karalee she would have to lay someone off on her team. She says, “I had been pretty unhappy for about a year and a half there because of the direction things were going, so I laid myself off instead.” She decided to go back to school and get her MBA. She applied for a job as an executive assistant at dōTERRA, thinking she could work there part time while she got her degree. After interviewing with Rob Young and Greg Cook, they both declared her grossly overqualified and offered her a position on their marketing team instead. Today, Karalee is a director over a team of 14 people who run a wide variety of marketing platforms for dōTERRA— and the company is still thriving after eight years. She says, “I love being the voice for such an amazing company. It makes my job easy.” What challenges do you face in your position at dōTERRA? When I started there were 30 employees and Wellness Advocate numbers were only four-digits long. Now we have more than 2,000 employees and more than a million Wellness Advocates. Keeping up with such a fast-growing company is difficult. I think the biggest challenge for our K A R A L E E ’ S FAV O R I T E P R O D U C T S department is the variety of customers we serve. They’re from all different cultures and backgrounds. Some of them are familiar with natural alternatives, and for some this is their first venture. Some are business builders, some are sharers, and some are consumers. We have to provide information that fits all aspects of our consumer base and that resonates with everyone across the board. It’s a lot. But, I would say our biggest accomplishment as a department is making essential oils mainstream and attainable for everyone. What is your favorite part about your job? I love the creative aspect of it. Essential oils have thousands of uses and we get to play with all of them in all formats: videos, social media, print, etc. We get to come up with new and creative ways to use essential oils and educate individuals on those, and that never gets boring. We have a product that is so versatile and easy to use that it makes that creativity simple. Also, with things like the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ and Cō-Impact Sourcing®, we have so many fun and inspiring stories to tell. We’re not fighting to gather content—it’s readily available. What do you want Wellness Advocates to know about what you do? We’re open to feedback. We don’t face the same chal­ lenges you face in the field with sharing and developing a business. Let us know when things are not working or when more materials are needed. If we don’t know, we can’t help. We’re here, ready and willing to do whatever you need. Karalee’s marketing team covers a wide variety of platforms including: Immortelle Lemon Hair Care System “This product saved my face. I love it.” “I don’t care much for water, so if I drink water I always have to have lemon or lime squeezed into it. So, coming here and having Lemon essential oil was really nice because I could add it to my water.” “I use our shampoo and conditioner faithfully and the root-to-tip serum. I have naturally curly hair so even when I blow dry, it’s frizzy. I like the serum to tame all my fly-aways.” ■  ocial media (Facebook, S Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs) ■ Promotions ■ M  agazines and brochures (Living and Leadership magazines; Live, Share, Build brochures; Welcome to dōTERRA brochure; etc.) ■ d  ōTERRA tools (order forms, PowerPoints, etc.) 38 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LE QTTHSH UQT M[][ۂ[][Y[وX\][܈[[YH[Kˈ[\S‚Q‚˙\KBB