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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “Because of dōTERRA, I know that if anything were to happen to me or my job, my family will be able to maintain our lifestyle. That’s better than any life insurance policy.” –John John & Erika Cappelmann PALM BAY, FLORIDA, USA A Full Life “Don’t give up when the going gets tough. You’re not going to be an overnight success; you have to think long-term. Keep plugging away, be consistent, and encourage others to do the same.” –Erika E rika Cappelmann had long been people that they didn’t need. Erika says, husband, John, who has become more looking for an opportunity to be in “I started seeing it as an avenue to get and more supportive as time has gone charge of her own schedule and do the freedom I wanted. God started on, says that he’s seen the business something she was passionate about. putting people in my path that needed change her and create relationships She spent her career in graphic design, the product and I saw how I could that she will have for the rest of her life. though she never enjoyed it. When she empower and help them.” moved to Florida, she became a real estate agent and was successful at that before the market crashed in 2008. Years earlier, she had once tried her hand at network marketing, but she didn’t like the product in that company, so she gave it up quickly. She went all in with a Diamond Kit, and decided she was going to commit 100 percent. Erika worked consistently, making smaller goals as she went, until one day she knew her team was ready to go for Diamond. She made the goal to reach it in the month of her fortieth birthday, and gave up all When her friend Wendy Berry introduced her to dōTERRA, Erika was intrigued by the opportunity. As she prayed about it, she saw doors opening and objections being overcome. She her Thanksgiving and birthday plans to travel and help her team reach their goal. Then, on the third anniversary of her enrollment, she reached Diamond. Now, Erika is excited to have the finances to really make a difference for others. She says, “I just want to help others achieve what I know is achievable.” She compares the gratitude and success of the people she sees in dōTERRA with others around her who hate their job and their commute, never have time to be with their family, and are always scrounging to make ends meet. “It breaks my heart to see that and I just w BFFV62V^( 2ƗfW06rFBW76VF2vW&R&GV7@LXDU%$2'&VvBW&WG6FR`26vBFVvW"FVFFBWfW'R6VBW6RB6PW"6f'BRf&6rW"Fv&&RW"BFƗfRƖfRFFRgVW7@vVF( BfRFW66WFrࠦW"fV'2f"FR6RbFW'2W &V6W6RƖfR26'B( Р$R$TTDU 3`LXDU%$U54TDTDU%4TŒTuU5B#`F( B'V@vFWB'VFW'2ࠤF( BV&PVRࠤVvW"FVFFR6G&ࠤƖvvFVPvvw&r࠮( V&ǒFF( BfR琦'VFW'26RBv0W7BRBגG&VB'VBVRFFV &2( Р( Ēv2V&ƖrVR@FrBf"FVVF6VF( BFRB&RF2vRVBWG&vr&FW"Ffrf'v&B( Р( Ė7FVBRVVBFVvW"VRF7FWW&RVFW'2BFP6G&bFV"v'W6W72BFV"vFV( Р( fBVRvvBFFF2'W6W72vFPBƖvvFFVfPFVw&rBV&0RF( Р&W7VG2BG6fW&vRV&w2&RW726VRLXDU%$'GVGBV&w2F667W&R7V'FFW'&6ࠧwwrFFW'&6Р3p