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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “I’m very grateful that I listened to my heart and followed it by doing this business.” Matt & Tenille Schoonover POWELL, OHIO, USA “This has been a wonderful journey. I am forever grateful that my friend stepped out of her comfort zone to tell me about the oils.” W hen a friend introduced time, coaching softball, and had four cabinet, but was focused on income- Tenille Schoonover to dōTERRA kids, so she didn’t think she had time producing activities like contacting essential oils, she told her they were for a business. She says, “Now I realize and following up. Sometimes, she had all-natural and had no synthetics. that it just wasn’t a priority at the time.” to sacrifice going to her kids’ sports As time went on, she saw some of her games or be away in the evening when friends start to succeed with dōTERRA they were home from school. But, she and she realized the potential dōTERRA says, “Sometimes you have to make had to help her support her family. She those sacrifices short-term to be there has been the sole financial provider for your family long-term.” Tenille says, “That mentality is right up my alley, so I said I’d try it.” The oils worked so well that she was intrigued enough to attend a class. She went home and told her husband, Matt, that she thought the products for her family for 13 years while her were fantastic and wanted a kit. Her husband is a stay-at-home dad, but she husband had seen her get excited wanted to have the freedom to spend about things before that ultimately never went anywhere, so she told him she would make room in their budget and use the oils for a few weeks, and dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 this year, she has resigned to be home never even dreamed that would even the time and financial freedom she be an option for us. dōTERRA has put a desired. She says, “I used every extra whole new perspective on my life that I bit of time I had and used it toward didn’t know I wanted. Now we get to be Tenille shared the oils casually for about dōTERRA.” She made sure when she together as a family. My kids are growing three years. She was busy working full had time she wasn’t rearranging her oil up and I get to be a part of that.” excited a few weeks later.” 30 her grandfather in 1954. As of May of a priority in her life so she could have wait that long because I was still so FREEDOM manufacturing plant that was started by with her family full time. She says, “I would buy a kit. She says, “I didn’t even PRIORITIZE the goal to reach Diamond. Tenille has worked for her family’s From then on out, she made dōTERRA if she was still excited by the end she “When you work with your team members, you become friends with them and you’re passionate about their goals too. God has given me such a wonderful group of leaders and I want them to succeed.” more time with her family, so she made Since she graduated from college, START SIMPLE DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE. “I do not like to overcompli­ cate things. When people want to start doing this as a business, I tell them to try to just start simple.” FOCUS ON CLASSES. “Just invite people to a class, teach a class, and then follow up with them. That’s really all you need to do at the very beginning. Your upline will help you with the rest.” EDUCATE YOURSELF. “One time a week do two things: educate yourself on one particular dōTERRA product, and learn one thing about the business side of dōTERRA.” *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. LEARN ALONG THE WAY. “This way, you can learn along the way as you’re teaching classes, but you’re still focusing on keeping things simple.” www.doterra.com 31