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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Bobby & Aubrey Pruneda KAYSVILLE, UTAH, USA It Gives Me Butterflies A ubrey Pruneda had always tried to find natural options for her children, from using cloth diapers to making her own baby food, so when she was introduced to dōTERRA it was a perfect fit. She says, “It was no questions asked. This was what we had been searching for without even realizing it. I didn’t realize dōTERRA was a network marketing company, all I knew was they had a product that I needed in my home that day.” She shared the product enthusiastically, and slowly realized that there was a business opportunity as well. Her husband, Bobby, had a successful sales career their whole marriage and Aubrey had always stayed home with their four kids. When Bobby was promoted to a management position of a large team, he started focusing more on his own personal development, and over time Aubrey was inspired by his example. She says, “I think something switched in my mind and I saw that if I could apply myself the way he was that I could make something out of my dōTERRA business.” As she started writing down her goals and reading motivational books, Aubrey’s belief and vision grew and that made all the difference. She says, “As soon as I put my mind to it there was no turning back. From that point on things started clicking.” Her enrollments “You can’t live in the past on any level of life. You always have to live in the moment and make the best of it for the future.” –Bobby increased dramatically and she started moving up in rank quickly. The only thing that changed was her belief. She then made the goal to bring Bobby home from his job. Bobby told Aubrey that he would quit his job if she doubled his income. She worked hard and not only was able to achieve this goal, but also won second place in the incentive trip and was able to bring Bobby with her to the Dominican Republic. She says, “Even though