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NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND “Everybody has a body, so you can share dōTERRA anywhere.” Bernadette O’Donnell It was while attending a conference with ASHBURN, VIRGINIA, USA Rebecca that Bernadette realized her healer heart and desire to help others could also allow her to help herself. If she reached Diamond, she could not only help many more people, but she could also have the income and confidence she wanted in her life. She says, “My upline’s one statement helped me to go to Diamond. She said, ‘You can do it. I believe in you.’ Her words and her confidence were so important to me.” She advises anyone to turn to their upline or some kind of coach who can encourage them with affirmations whenever they are feeling low. Since reaching Diamond, Bernadette has found joy in helping her team members reach Silver and Gold and seeing the difference it makes in their lives. She says, “My vision has also opened up more about who I can help with the money that I make. It makes me feel BE UPLIFTING so good. I get excited that I can really participate and help women advance, have confidence, and be free, because I feel so free now that I’m in dōTERRA.” Her life has changed unbelievably, she says. “People have looked at me before 1 FOCUS ON PEOPLE’S NEEDS. 2 LAUGH AND HAVE FUN. “It’s like learning to dance. You have to practice before you get any good at it, and the more you practice the more you can have fun and relax.” 3 WATCH YOUR WORDS. “The word ‘not’ is a virus, so be aware when you say it because it can bring you into a slump or a fog and make you unfocused.” 4 CONNECT HEART TO HEART. “Look to your leaders’ strengths and figure out their love language. Put their dreams in front of them and help them develop.” “I respond to their needs first and then invite them to the other oils. If they have their needs figured out, then it opens them up to learn more.” and said they thought I was quiet and From Broken to Wonderful “I want to spread my success to my team members because I believe in them and want them to do it too.” that dōTERRA was different. She says, when Bernadette was in need, Rebecca “I jumped into LRP with commitment, emailed her and Bernadette told her to and I know that commitment helped come over and show her the oils again. me.” She started sharing with her clients B She says, “She rubbed them into my feet her to dōTERRA. She says, “I thought As a massage therapist, Bernadette was started to grow. “I was the little engine I didn’t have enough money. I was familiar with essential oils, but could feel that could. I just kept going.” ernadette O’Donnell said no the first time Rebecca Hintze introduced 24 recently divorced and felt broken.” Later, dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 and I was in nirvana from then on.” and having events right away, and with the support of her upline, her business reserved, but now they see a different side of me. dōTERRA has given me permission to expand and become more of my true self. I’ve gone from broken to wild and wonderful, and I’m so grateful.” “The most amazing thing is how this has changed me. I have become a positive, uplifting person that is full of gratitude.” *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. www.doterra.com 25