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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Matthew & Bailey King “Lead by example. If you get out there and show people that this is doable, you really have control of your own success.” –Bailey Take Off CEDAR FALLS, IOWA, USA “You don’t have to be just like us to be successful. Anyone can truly do this based on the amount of effort that they put in.” –Matt A relative sent Bailey King some Bailey’s husband, Matt, is an engineer started dreaming big.” Matt still works information about using essential and they had a photography studio, as an engineer, but they have hopes to oils with kids, so Bailey started re­ so they were busy enough and not get debt-free in the next two to three searching more about it online and thinking about the business. Fourteen years so he can come home and join enrolled in dōTERRA with a kit. She says, days after enrolling people from her first Bailey full time in the business. They “That kit sat in our closet for probably class, Bailey’s upline called and asked even participated in Presidential Club six to nine months because we had no where they were going to place people. this summer after their fourth child was clue what to do with them. I’ve still Bailey says, “I didn’t even know what that born in June. They love to turn their never in my life been to a class.” meant. It was like a foreign language dōTERRA trips into family vacations. to me.” As time went on, Matt started During Diamond Club, not only were looking into the compensation plan. they reimbursed, but they were making As they realized what ranks meant money as they traveled together. and what they could achieve, their Matt says, “We’ve been able to free up competitive, goal-driven sides kicked in our time through dōTERRA. We now and the business started to take off. have more options to do what we want, Eventually, she gave the oils a try and loved how well they worked for her family. Some friends asked her to teach a class and, coming from a background of teaching elementary school, Bailey agreed easily. Halfway through the when we want.” class, tornado sirens went off in their At the last minute, the Kings participated town, and everyone crammed into the in Diamond Club and did about 115 They are grateful to have something to Kings’ tornado shelter. A couple ladies classes in 120 days. They took second offer others, not only for their health were feeling claustrophobic, so Bailey place and went from “super baby” with the oils, but for their finances passed around some dōTERRA Serenity® Silvers to Platinum and hit Diamond a through the business opportunity. and within minutes everyone was calm few months later. Bailey says, “Diamond Bailey says, “It’s motivating to realize what and asking questions about the oils. Club propelled us like crazy, and then we an effect you can have on people’s lives.” N ECE S S I T I E S FOR AC H I E V I N G AS A COU PL E 22 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 PRIORITIES SACRIFICE VISION GUILT-FR