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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Nate & Kelly Bailey “This truly is a business that you can do and stay fully engaged with your family.” SMYRNA, TENNESSEE, USA FO R FUTURE GENERATIONS “Sometimes we need to step back and realize this is a journey not a destination. The beauty is in the journey and in the process.” –Nate K elly Bailey had been trying to 90 days, and if it didn’t work then she spend more time with the family and improve her diet and live a more could give herself permission to stop. he intends to slowly get more involved natural lifestyle for the past 15 years. When she attended her first dōTERRA class, she was blown away by what she learned. She says, “I enthusiastically tried to reteach the class to my “If I hadn’t given myself that amount of time I’m not sure that I could have justified all of the effort that I was putting into it,” Kelly says. “I was doing dōTERRA for 25–35 hours a week on husband when I got home.” Her husband, Nate, had grown up using essential oils, so he was completely onboard with using them for their family. He even suggested that Kelly should work to see if she could get the oils paid for. top of everything else.” They ate out instead of cooking, they dealt with a dirtier house, they didn’t get a lot of sleep, and they didn’t watch any TV. Because of this sacrifice, they were able to reach Silver in 60 days and Kelly backed off her design business