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“The only way to fail at dōTERRA is to flat out quit.” NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Aaron & Jessa Johnson CASTLE PINES, COLORADO, USA Provided a Way “I know there are people out there who need their hope restored, so nothing is going to stop me.” J essa Johnson had already been the class and knew within a couple Her husband, Aaron, is a computer using a different brand of essential days that she not only wanted the oils, programmer who loves his job. Though she wanted to do the business. he won’t be joining her full time in her oils when her friend introduced her to dōTERRA, but over the course of two weeks she saw her friend four or five times, and every time her friend invited her to a class. Finally, Jessa attended She made the goal to make $5,000 by the end of the year to help pay for her sons to go to private Christian school. Two months into using the product for herself, she had a major dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 the help, advice, and support he always gives her. She says, “I would not have been able to even get started without him supporting me.” breakthrough. She says, “After that, She also says that her team members I didn’t care if I ever made a dime are more than her business partners, because it made such a difference they’re her friends. Because of this, in my own life. I was on fire, and I felt she wants to do everything she can like it would be selfish of me to keep to help them reach their goals and something like this to myself.” change their lives financially, just as By the end of the year, she was Gold. 18 dōTERRA business, Jessa appreciates hers has been. She says, “I love that the dōTERRA Two years ago, Jessa was hit in the compensation plan blesses me face with a softball and her front teeth financially at the same time that I’m turned black. To fix the problem, helping others.” Diamond wasn’t on her she needed intensive jaw therapy radar at first, but as she continued to and implants for seven teeth. The total help people, she saw that it would be cost for these procedures is through possible. She did Diamond Club and the roof, so Jessa had resigned herself reached Diamond on the last day. “That to living with the issue for the rest morning I was whining to God in my of her life. Now, all the money she is prayers that I had worked so hard for earning with dōTERRA has gone toward the past four months and I wasn’t going fixing her teeth. “But it’s happening,” to reach my goal.” That day, one of her Jessa says. “dōTERRA has provided a leaders sold a Diamond Kit, and that way and has given me the confidence made it happen. to smile again.” COMMITMENT & BALANCE Get your family onboard. “Once we saw that this would change our life financially, we sat our kids down and explained that I was going to be gone more for a little while. My whole family was onboard, and my kids love dōTERRA.” Set boundaries in your time. “Currently, I don’t work more than two evenings a week and I never work on Sundays. Those are things that we’ve had to put in place or else the business would take over my life.” Make the most of your time. “Whether you have one hour or 20 hours to put toward the business, make sure that you’re not spending that time organizing your oils. Make phone calls, teach a class, make a new contact, or sample. Consistently do those money-making activities.” Make short-term sacrifices. “Diamond Club was definitely a time of imbalance in my life. I had to let go of some things that were important to me in order to pursue this goal. But, now that my business maintains itself more, I’m able to go back to them.” Prioritize family time. “If I’ve just picked up my kids from school, I’m done. I’m not on the phone and I’m not answering texts or Facebook messages. I try to protect that time so my sons still know that they’re number one in my life.” *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. www.doterra.com 19