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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Dale & Jennifer Jaramillo “Expect adversity. This business is not easy and you have to work through it. Without pressure there is no Diamond.” –Dale ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA A Just Getting Started holistic health-care practitioner first gave Jennifer Jaramillo some dōTERRA essential oils, and Jennifer bought the oils from her at retail for five months. After seeing amazing results, she decided to get her wholesale account. It took another two months before she enrolled her first Wellness Advocate and for her to discover what an LRP order was. Because the oils dramatically changed her well-being, she become very passionate about sharing the product with everyone she came in contact with. When she started dōTERRA, Jennifer was completing her master’s degree in education, teaching first grade full time, and raising her three boys. She was too stressed to think about the business. As Dale moved up the corporate ladder, she was able to take a part-time teaching job with a family school, which freed up some time to teach more classes for dōTERRA. She built herself to Silver and convinced her husband, Dale, to come to convention with her. Dale had been using the oils, but was skeptical of network marketing until he attended convention. He says, “I was blown away by the integrity and the vision of dōTERRA. There was joy and happiness in the atmosphere and you could sense it. That opened my eyes and broadened my horizons.” He came home and started to seriously look into the business. He had been working at a corporate job for up to 80 hours a week. He said, “I looked at Jennifer’s team growth and I looked at the dōTERRA corporate growth and I was impressed. I was especially inspired by the business potential and the power of residual income.” Their plan was to grow dōTERRA to a level that would allow Dale to go back to teaching high school, which would free up more of his time to dedicate to his family and to help with the dōTERRA business. Then, Dale was laid off his job. He says, “It was not how we had envisioned it happening, but God was telling us to trust Him.” They looked at their finances, and decided that they had 18 months to dedicate to building their dōTERRA business and replacing their income. Jennifer resigned from her teaching job that May, and they went full force into the business together. “We would not be where we are without Dale’s support,” Jennifer says. “Dale took our business to the next level, no doubt.” It was a transition to combine their working styles, but Dale brought organization and structure to Jennifer’s passion and spirit, and together they have been able to reach Diamond. For Jennifer and Dale, their dōTERRA business has only just gotten started. Jennifer says, “My mission is to get this product to every single family I come in contact with so they can know the benefits of having it in their home.” Dale adds, “Our overall dream is to see others achieve the freedoms we have realized. We really just want to give back.” REACHING DIAMOND AS A COUPLE BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. “You have to believe in the product and believe in yourself. I knew I was going to be Diamond. I knew I wanted to make $10,000 or more a month and that I wanted to be in the Leadership magazine. I knew I was going to get there, I just didn’t know how.” –Jennifer CREATE A STRUCTURE. “Jennifer’s belief level was through the roof, and I think having that vision and drive is absolutely necessary. All I did was give her a clear pathway to get from point A to point B. We developed a structure and implemented a process that worked. The challenge was to find a way to bring structure to the organization while still having fun.” –Dale COMBINE STRENGTHS. “Now we have a 16-footwide whiteboard in our office with everything laid out: our road map, our schedule, our calendar, our number updates, our action plan. When Dale came onboard I had a hard time organizing everything because I wanted it my own way, but he has really made a difference.” –Jennifer DIVIDE BY ABILITIES. “Jennifer teaches the oil classes and shares the product with people. Once people get to the point where they want to build, I take ownership. It’s about 80/20—I do the business aspect 80 percent of the time, while she does it 20 percent of the time, and vice versa with the oils.” –Dale *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnin gs Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. www.doterra.com 17