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FEATURE ARTICLE Building dōTERRA Whatever Your Circumstances Part 1: Building a dōTERRA business without your spouse For the next three magazines, we’re going to be doing a series featuring the stories of some of our leaders to illustrate how dōTERRA can be built no matter your life circumstances: married, single, with or without children, working a full time job or not. Illness, finances, and tragedies have been obstacles for many, but many have also overcome those to still accomplish their dreams. In this issue, we will be featuring leaders who have built their business without their spouse. Their spouses might be supportive, but not actively involved in building the business. In some cases, they never plan to. Each one proves that being a power business couple is not required to succeed in dōTERRA. Below, our leaders share their experiences: Maria Luchita Blankenship, Silver My husband has not had time to join me in the business, but has always supported me in it with encouragement and parenting along the way. I know I’m going slowly with everything going on in my family, but there is no replacing the time I have with them. I believe anyone can make this business work at their own pace, whatever works for their own family situation. Each person has to be OK with his or her circumstances and sacrifices. 14 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 I choose to sacrifice building quickly in exchange for time with my family and the ability to not miss out on any events. It requires a lot of planning and some frustration along the way. I have to keep in mind the end goal. Knowing my children have both parents present for them is important to us. Kaitlyn Sosebee, Silver dōTERRA is the best job for a stayat-home mom. Most of the time my business and my time with my kids don’t compete—they meld together seamlessly. When I had my baby last year, I took the month off and I still made money through my unilevel. My husband is in the Air Force and he’s gone a lot. I can take breaks to take care of my kids while he is gone serving overseas and work harder when he is home to help me. This job is perfect for a military wife as well. Military wives struggle finding jobs and moving up the corporate ladder because we move every two to four years (I’ve lived in four states in the last year). dōTERRA is a great way to stay out of that cycle. My business goes wherever I go. Amy Philbrick, Silver I am currently working a 40-hours-aweek job, along with being a mother and wife and growing a business. It is difficult at times as my job tends to pull so much of my time. But, I have been able to grow and build with dōTERRA in the last year and a half to have a solid Silver team under me. I have an amazing husband and parents who are all my village to help raise my son and daughter. I am willing to sacrifice short-term time with my family to grow my business so that someday I can be home with them full time for the first time ever in my life. Kirsten Cruzen, Silver My family and I live in New York City, and for me to replace my husband’s income I would need to be making over $300,000 a year. From a financial standpoint, it’s very challenging to think of him quitting his job to join me in the business. Also, he really enjoys his work. However, I do really want to build my business to the point where he could have more freedom and flexibility in his work life. I’d like him to be able to take a job with a pay cut if it’s a better fit for his career and his interests. I’d like him to be able to retire earlier and to not have to worry so much about financing our kids’ college in 10 years. These are the financial dreams that I am working hard to build. Eliza Akana Yoshida, Silver I work approximately 45–50 hours a week at my full time job. I do many of my classes on the weekends when my children are napping. The rest of what I need to do for my business gets accomplished from 8:30–10:30 at night when the house is quiet and everyone is sleeping. I make sure that quality time with my children is not compromised. I find that I have to be flexible, focused, and dedicated to keeping my family, house, job, and dōTERRA business in balance. Shannon Morais, Gold My spouse is legally blind and disabled with physical and mental illness. While he is supportive and loves the oils, he cannot participate in the business. There is always time to work dōTERRA, even with a blind husband and five kids. Working dōTERRA has brought our family out of gover Y[\\[KY\][ܚ؜܂\YX\H]HY[XH]Z] ۙHو^H]ܚ]H[˜Y\][[ZY\܈H\[YB\[HXZ]YH]\]H›ۙ\]X[YYY܈[\ˈB]HY[XHHXHق[\][ۘ[ݙ\H[\[Z[K\˜\[\\ܙX]Yܝ[]Y\܂\]H]\Y\HXK\\[\\X\K]]8&\ܝ] [Y[H\YK][[BH[H[]ܛ^H[XܚYX\]H˜HXYH[Hx&[Hܚ[Z[[B\[\[Z\[^H[Z[KH[B]]\H[YK]H[H]YB[Y\ˈ^H\ؘ[[H[][X]BX\H]\\X]]H[B[[HH[H[] HHš[ܜܘ]H1cUTH]][X[B[]\][Hˈ]8&\X[H\›]XX][[H\X][[›ܝ[]K[H۸&]]H[YK[BXZH[YK[XYو^Z[8'H[H˜\K8'H܈[][[YKX]]K'\\H[ܚ]H܈YK'H]8&\›[ܙHۙ\[X\]K]YY[œY [x&]H[\[ܚ]Y\Y ܈\X\[\^›XY^[\ۈH[[\قZ[[1cUTH\H\H[[H[H ][]][[K\[\X[ ]\YHX\[\H\ˈYH1cUTHܝ[]H[X\[\\H[[X\Hۈ\KK˙\KBMB