Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 62

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Bill & Marilyn VanDonsel HELENA, MONTANA, USA Unexpected Opportunity “I recommend the business for two reasons: first for the oils, and second for the income. The compensation plan is like no other; if you just put in a little effort and time it can be big for you.” M arilyn VanDonsel was barely the more I found out. Eight months after While Bill is her number one support, starting to reopen her massage I was introduced to dōTERRA, I decided Marilyn is also grateful for Natalie’s to do the business.” help. She says, “When I was doing those business when Natalie Wysocki came to her with dōTERRA. She says, “Natalie Wysocki is best friends with my daughter Jodi, and she’s like my third daughter. We had done some other network marketing things together in the past, but when she came to me with dōTERRA I told her I didn’t want anything but the oils to do AromaTouch. I had no interest At first Marilyn’s husband, Bill, was supportive but cautious. He tells people now, “I love my wife, and dōTERRA was something that she wanted to do; she had the passion for it. We dove in with both feet, we got the Diamond Kit, and we put some money into an account. classes every Saturday, Natalie was doing them for me. She kept telling me that I would be doing them myself one day, and I couldn’t even imagine it. Every time she taught I would take notes, but each class would change. Finally, she just made me do it. The first few times I read But, I said that if dōTERRA did not pay, from a script. But, once I started doing we were done.” By holding a class every classes I loved them, and no one could After six months of using the products Saturday for the first two months of have tried to do them for me because I and with helpful feedback from her clients, being a Wellness Advocate, Marilyn not wouldn’t have let them.” Marilyn sat down with Natalie again. only earned checks, she also hit Silver When Natalie mentioned how much she fairly quickly. Once she started getting was making, Marilyn was impressed. She checks, Bill wanted to know how she was says, “I kept thinking that all I was doing getting paid. Marilyn says, “The money was ordering every month to send off was coming in, and I didn’t care how the samples I gave away. From there, really. So, he started investigating and team and also a better leader in my I started researching, because my clients getting involved on the business end. community. I feel like I had that capability wanted me to look up different things for He loved the oils, but the compensation at some level before, but it’s given me them. The passion just grew and grew plan is what really turned him around.” more confidence to know that I can lead.” at all in doing it as a business at that point.” Marilyn is grateful for the growing opportunities she has had in dōTERRA. She says, “dōTERRA has made me into a better leader—a better leader for my Approaching Potential Builders DON’T QUESTION. “When I sit down with somebody and they walk away with a kit, I don’t ever question when they say they don’t want to do the business. I tell them, ‘I think you’re going to love the oils, and as you experience them you’re going to end up sharing them. Once they start working for you, you’re not going to be able to keep your mouth shut.’” 62 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 PAY ATTENTION TO COMMENTS. “If somebody makes comments like, ‘I know my mom would love this,’ then I say, ‘Could you see yourself wanting to do this business because you know so many p eople that could benefit?’ If so, then I try to talk them into a bigger kit. I’ve had people have buyer’s remorse when they got a smaller kit and end up doing a business. Always try to bump them up to the next kit, but don’t push. If they’re set on a small kit, let them go.” www.doterra.com 63