Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 60

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Jason & Allison Tripp MACON, GEORGIA, USA A A Bridge Back llison Tripp’s first child was born with a metabolic disorder that left her fragile and low-functioning for all of her short life. She died at age 10 from complications from a surgery. A year later, the Tripps’ other daughter with the same disorder started having similar issues. They did everything they could to bring her relief, until the only option they had left was the same surgery their first daughter had never recovered from. It was then that Allison discovered dōTERRA. diaper Facebook groups. Allison was Other moms had been talking about using essential oils on one of her cloth was already my niche; I just had never interested, started researching dōTERRA, and decided she would buy a kit for her Christmas present. She had been heavily involved in researching medical issues since her first child was born. She says, “I was known as a researcher among my friends. Even before dōTERRA, I was always learning new options and sharing those with others. I headed up a special needs mom support group and was always passing resources on. That gotten paid for it.” As she started using dōTERRA, her friends wanted her to teach them about it too, and everything went from there. For a long time, dōTERRA didn’t feel like work to her because of how much she enjoyed seeing others find relief. She learned to put herself aside and just share regardless of the outcome. Someone who enrolled under her really caught onto the business side, which pushed Allison to learn it along with her. Though she was working hard, she had a hard time imagining herself being successful, and Diamond What would you do with your time and resources if the basics were covered? This is a question we had never before entertained, and now we’re getting to live it. took her by surprise. She says, “I joined the momentum of those who were underneath me, and as I was helping them it just snuck up on me.” Since they’ve reached Diamond, Allison’s hus &