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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Claudio & Janae Arancibia microwave, just keep on cooking. Eventually, you’ll get there. I think some people get frustrated because they’re not a microwave, but it’s OK. I’ve been a crockpot at times and a microwave at other times for over last four years. The important thing is to just keep on cooking every day.” When she first made the goal to reach Diamond, she didn’t hit it, but she didn’t stop “cooking.” “For everyone that gets discouraged about not reaching their goals, just keep on working. Keep doing something every day. You’ll get there.” LAYTON, UTAH, USA “With dōTERRA I don’t feel like I’m selling a product. I feel like I’m helping people be educated and empowered to know how to take care of their families. We’re just giving people something they’re already looking for.” She knows that Diamond Club made a big difference in her progress. She says, “Diamond Club helped me get out of my comfort zone and propelled my team to actually hit Diamond.” She was not in the habit of traveling frequently, but dōTERRA helped her get past that. She enjoys going out to work with and support her team. She says, “It has been so much fun to see our team members hit their goals.” Keep on Cooking J anae Arancibia had already been about the oils and the business. I thought Dr. Hill, she says her world was changed. running a different direct sales she was amazing.” When Janae got “I became passionate about sharing with business for several years when she home, she called Denise and asked to others what was life changing for me met Denise Norris at a foot zoning class be enrolled. about these oils, in hopes that it would graduation. Denise, currently a Diamond, was the fourth person who introduced Janae to dōTERRA. Janae says, “I was impressed with her. From doing another 6 For the first year, Janae didn’t do a lot with the business. She was separating from her other business and getting empower them to help the people in their lives.” She started teaching classes and has been consistent about it ever since. to know the dōTERRA products. Janae knows that everyone grows their business, I already knew that I wanted After attending convention and an business at their own speed. She says, to work with someone who was excited AromaTouch event conducted by “Whether you’re a crockpot or a dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 Her husband, Claudio, is originally from Chile and through Janae’s dōTERRA business has been able to go back and visit his family every year. They hope to soon be able to bring the whole family. Janae says, “It’s nice to be able to see that when you set a goal you can achieve it. It helps you realize that any of us can do anything if we just set our minds to it and get to work. It opens up a whole new world for what all of us can do and how we can touch the lives of other people.” “Everyone loves the oils, it doesn’t matter who they are. Everyone can use them and see the benefits.” Diamond Tips Focus on the positive. “What you think about, you bring about. If we’re focusing on finding our leaders, we’ll find them. Focus on people who are excited about the products and sharing them with others.” Keep it duplicable. “I work with people to help them get to where they’re comfortable teaching their own classes. I keep things pretty simple and don’t get too complicated.” Be consistent. “Doing something every day with your business gives you that slight edge with everyone else. I will do something every day, whether it’s a phone call, a class, or a follow-up.” Educate and share. “Educate about the oils constantly and share with everyone how life-changing it can be. This is first and foremost about getting the oils into everyone’s homes and helping them make positive changes.” www.doterra.com 7