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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “Everybody has ups and downs in any business with great successes and great failures, but the ones that just keep driving forward are the ones that are successful in any business or any mission.” Dr. Jeff & Chelsea Styba RAMSEY, MINNESOTA, USA Everyone Deserves AN OPPORTUNITY up of my main builders, my family, and and in the product a lot of times before When I’m traveling and flying to different my wife, Chelsea. When I’m on the road, even using it. We have a tight-knit group states because someone needs a class, Chelsea takes care of our daughter and as far as our dōTERRA business. We all I can pretty much ask anyone on my runs the home. My main builders are do things to support each other, whether team to do anything and know that also a huge support because they believe it’s financially supporting each other or they’ll do it. Our team is more like a in me. They believed in joining the team hosting classes when we’re on the road. family than a business.” A M A K I N G YO U R H O B BY A B U S I N E SS fter running his own chiropractic practice for six years, Dr. Jeff Styba was already familiar with essential oils. When a friend introduced him to dōTERRA, Jeff did some research. He explains, “I had dabbled in a couple other network mark- 1 eting fields before, but none of them really Treat it like a business. “Treat your business like a business—don’t treat it like a hobby. People that are most successful in network marketing, and in dōTERRA especially, have this viewpoint. Treat your dōTERRA business like a multimillion dollar company because that’s what it is. That’s what it has the potential to become.” took off because of poor compensation plans, poor products, or poor fulfillment of orders. Once I did the research behind dōTERRA and found that it was an amazing, quality product, that the customer service was incredible, and that the compensation plan was so profitable, it was a no-brainer to start building with dōTERRA.” Soon after enrolling, he began traveling and teaching about essential oils full time. 2 3 Create support through systems. “Create systems, create infrastructure, and create automation to help support your customers and also to help support your builders.” Make customer service a priority. “One of the core values for our team is customer service. We don’t allow any excuses for somebody not to be a happy customer. No matter what happens, we support them and we bend over backward for people to make sure they have a good experience with dōTERRA.” The fact that Jeff and his team have a common goal makes all the difference. He says, “The goal in doing dōTERRA is to empower and help as many people as possible live the type of lifestyle that “Don’t build your we believe in. Essential oils are a great dōTERRA business tool in that lifestyle, and we believe that based on how you feel everybody on the planet deserves an opportunity to hear about essential oils. As we focus on that goal, we feel that we’re fulfilling our purpose in dōTERRA. day-to-day. Whether we’re encouraged or discouraged, It’s not up to us whether or not people our feelings don’t choose to use the oils, but we can control determine our success. how many people we get in front of and What determines our teach—we’re just totally unattached to the success is our vision outcome of whether or not people decide to purchase or not.” and our mission.” Jeff is thankful for the support of his team and his family. “My support system is made 58 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 www.doterra.com 59