Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 48

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Nick & Dyanna Killpack MCKINNEY, TEXAS, USA A New Perspective “I’ve always known that if I was going to do a business like this, I wasn’t going to do it with anyone besides dōTERRA.” N ick Killpack had worked on talking to my wife about stepping down did all day now that he didn’t have a job. the corporate side of network as sales manager to be able to spend He tells them, “I work all day long. In the marketing for four years when he more time at home with the family.” His beginning, I was on my computer and became the US sales manager for wife, Dyanna, had always wanted him to my phone for eight to 10 hours a day.” dōTERRA. He had never thought he become a distributor and was extremely He’s seen his business grow or shrink would want to become a distributor, supportive of the switch. in proportion to how much time he’s until one day he was sharing advice and ideas with a Wellness Advocate who graduated high school the same day as he did and was making four times his yearly income in a month. Nick says, The day Nick handed in his resignation, Dave Stirling issued him a challenge to hit Presidential Diamond in a time frame that was faster than anyone had done up until “She didn’t have any advanced degrees that point. Nick didn’t hit Presidential or credentials that would make her any Diamond in that time frame—but he did different from anybody else, and that hit Diamond. He says, “I think aiming that opened my eyes to the idea that anyone high and finishing where I’m at has been could do this.” a really good thing for me. It helped A few months later, Nick’s daughter was born and he had to go back to work right after they brought her home from the hospital. He says, “I was really establish who I am as a leader and really launched me into the next stage. It let me realize that I could accomplish greater things than I had thought.” willing to put into it. “You really do have the freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want, but you also have the ability not to. This business will only provide great income for you if you treat it like a job.” Nick is excited about the possibili F