Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 46

Everything NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND Megan Frasheski STINSON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA “If you want to move into the higher ranks, you have to become generous at a greater level. Let go of ownership, and find it in your heart to help people.” W hen Arin Ingraham introduced Megan Frasheski to dōTERRA, Megan was impressed by the lifestyle she saw Arin living. Though she wasn’t interested in the business, she bought a kit and continued to order monthly. She remained a product-user for three years until everything changed at one fated tax appointment. THE FRUITION OF Megan’s photography business was graphy business. I called Arin and said, not doing well, and she was in debt and ‘I want to do dōTERRA. Tell me what to do.’” working as a waitress to get by. She and her partner were living in a guest room sharing a twin-sized bed at the already-crowded house of their friend. When she went to file her taxes that year, the accountant asked about her dōTERRA business. Megan told her it wasn’t a business, she just got occasional bonuses. The accountant assured her that she was getting paid and the IRS would consider it a job. Megan says, “I hadn’t thought about it that way. I wasn’t conscious of the fact that I really was making income from dōTERRA. I left that day knowing I was retiring my photo- Bring Out the Leader in People 1 Get to know them. “I love getting to know people and listening to where they are. I often believe in people when they don’t even believe in themselves yet.” Very quickly, Megan saw that in order to get to the level she wanted to in the business, she couldn’t just rely on Arin. She was going to have to become a 2 Have patience with them. “I’ve gained a big level of patience for people’s timing. You have to just keep showing up and supporting them, and then they’ll reveal the leader in themselves.” leader for her team in the same way Arin was for hers. She says, “I needed to own the leadership of my organization instead of placing it upon my upline. Maybe I couldn’t answer every question, but I could show up, listen to people, and point them in the right direction. It wasn’t about knowing all the answers; it was just 3 Trust in their timing. “It’s almost like planting seeds. I’ve just learned to trust that their time will come when it’s meant to come. Once they’ve had their ‘aha moment,’ they won’t go back from that.” about being willing and confident enough to try.” She believed that she would be a Diamond and that got her there. Megan was in a low spot when she started dōTERRA. She says, “Since I’ve started building my business, I’ve watched my income grow every month, and I gained confidence that I 4 Make them feel needed. “When someone decides they want to do dōTERRA, help them feel safe and needed. Help them feel faith that what they have to offer is really necessary.” could do this on my own. That was an empowering moment of my life to reach a place where I could not only pay for the roof over my head, but be generous with others too.” Since hitting Diamond, she’s discovered a new responsibility to help others who were in the situation she once was. “I realized this money isn’t 5 just for me as my business has definitely rescued a lot of people besides me. This is the first time in my life where I have all the tools to help people in every instance. It’s been a fruition of everything I’ve long asked for.” 46 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 “Showing intention, love, and care to others will always come back to you.” Recognize their talents. “Identify their own unique abilities as leaders. Help them see that those qualities that make them unique are really their brilliance as a leader.” www.doterra.com 47