Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 44

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Mark & Kristi DeBrincat CUMMING, GEORGIA, USA “dōTERRA definitely taught us how to pay it forward. Now that we are Diamond, we invest a good portion of our money back into our team to make sure they get to Diamond too, as soon as possible.” –Mark M ark and Krisi DeBrincat had Mark and Kristi stopped by some dear because we can’t believe this is our life.” everything going for them. friends, Mel and Concetta Bibens, to Mark adds, “We made it to Diamond in Mark was a chiropractor, and he and have lunch on their way through town. eight months. It’s definitely a calling in Kristi were also successful in another Mark says, “They took one look at me our life—we feel compelled to share. network marketing company. But, then and immediately started opening bottles We know there are so many people out everything changed. Mark explains, “My of essential oils and putting them on there that need to know about this for wife and I were in a horrible car accident. me. Later, when Kristi was giving me many different reasons. dōTERRA is a We were in a head-on collision with an a massage, I used the Deep Blue on godsend for so many people.” 18-wheeler after hydroplaning in the rain my back for the first time and felt an into oncoming traffic. Kristi broke her overwhelming calmness come over me neck and had a cadaver shin bone put immediately.” The oils worked, and when in place of her neck. I broke my pelvis other people heard their story, they and sacrum in half, and lost a third of showed interest in dōTERRA as well. my intestines. I was told back then that I would probably be in a wheelchair the rest of my life and that I would be living in pain forever. After about seven back surgeries and finally having a computer put into my spine, I was able to get up and walk, but I was in pain.” Renewed Purpose “The biggest challenge we face is pulling the Olympian out of the person, because there’s one in everybody. Everyone has something inside of them that you can pull out to create action.” –Mark 44 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 dōTERRA came into the DeBrincat’s life at the right time. Kristi says, “We went through a tough few years after the accident, because Mark had to give up his whole career, and he missed being Even though it was hard for them to able to help people. We had lived really leave their other networking business, well and then we lost it all, and we were dōTERRA just happened naturally for the living in this small little apartment. Our DeBrincats. Kristi says, “We hardly even ultimate goal was to get into a house. talk about the business. We focus on So, we put blinders on and ran for it the product and helping people, but with dōTERRA. It gave us back purpose, then all of a sudden people want to do it passion, and stability in our life. It’s given After receiving a bottle of Deep Blue on with us. It’s surreal. We wake up every us Mark’s life back, and we are now able vacation and never using it for weeks, morning and pinch ourselves sometimes, to help people again.” A D V I C E T O N E W B U I L D E R S Figure out your why right away. “That’s what Do personal development. “Look at Keep up with daily habits. “Make sure to gets you through the hard times. There are times in the beginning that you’re working really hard, and you might not be seeing the money that you think is justifiable for the work that you’re doing, but you’re building a pipeline.” –Mark this like a two to three year career or like going to school. You have to pay for school. Your money is personal development. Doing a little bit every day: listening to something positive, watching a video, learning about the product, or reading a health book helped us grow.” –Kristi create daily habits for things that are important to build your business and to build yourself.” –Mark Have a mentorship. “Our upline is just amazing. The structure that they put in front of us and the tools they showed us are why we’re where we are today.” –Kristi www.doterra.com 45