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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Andrew & Shannon Clough TIPS FOR FOLLOW-UP AURORA, COLORADO, USA s p e a k yo u r Passion “You love what you share, so be genuine and let your passion speak through you.” She feels like one of her secrets is consistency. She holds classes at the same time every week and allows her team to bring their people to S it as a backup. She says, “The consistency of dōTERRA with her. When she finally tried shares on her team as a builder. “Whether hannon Clough thought essential oils were not for her, so she avoided her friend who was always trying to share them on her family and they worked, she thought it was coincidence and still wasn’t sold. Then her husband, Andrew, tried them, and got really excited at how effective they were. He called their friend over so she could my classes allows my team members to have the capability to build whether they believe they tell one person or 500, they’re still really important to my organization and they’re all builders in my mind.” She knows she couldn’t have done it without Andrew’s support. She says, “He made it easy “I sat at the table and said, ‘I want nothing doesn’t know everything I do, but he’s done anybody,’” Shannon says. Andrew, on the other hand, said he wanted to buy an Every Oil Kit. When the huge kit arrived at her door, Shannon was overwhelmed by the amount of oils she saw. She thought, “We only need like two oils, not 70 million.” She felt lost. As she kept trying them, though, she started opening up to sharing them with a few people and a few weeks later decided to give for me. Sometimes he feels bad because he so much for this business.” Since Shannon hit Diamond, they gave away Andrew’s roofing company so he could join her in dōTERRA full time. Shannon says, "I couldn't have done this without the support and commitment of my husband and my team.” Andrew and Shannon are excited to continue growing their dōTERRA business. Shannon I’d probably still share oils. When the days Shannon decided to give the business her all been changed and that keeps me going. I the end of those six months, she was Gold. In anoth er six months, she was Diamond. INVITE “I ask them how their samples were, invite them to a class, let them know about the promotion of the month, or ask if there’s a good time to meet with them.” DON’T GIVE UP “I had a girl ignore me literally 39 times before she signed up, and now she’s doing the business. Don’t ever give up; people are always going to need oils eventually.” BE GENUINE “We got into this to help people, and they will see that when you show them how much you care. Even if they don’t buy oils right away, love them through the process.” says, “I could never make a dollar again, and the business a try. for six months and see what happened. By “I follow up every Thursday. That’s the time that I’ve made work for me, and anyone who I’ve given a sample to gets followed up with every other week.” they can or not.” She identifies anyone who tell them more. to do with this, I will not share this with BE CONSISTENT get rough, I look back at all the lives that have think, ‘Who’s next? Who else can we help?’ You just have to give someone one drop of oil, and their life will never be the same.” BE PASSIONATE “By following up, you let people know you’re serious about this. Your passion about the oils will speak through you, and they’ll believe you.” "We built this business on faith." 42 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 www.doterra.com 43