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PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond Shane & Rebecca Hintze ASHBURN, VIRGINIA, USA What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be successful in dōTERRA? Rebecca: Stick to it. People give up too soon. They stop or lose energy. You have to stay with it long enough for the plant to bloom. This business is a lot of work, and people don’t make a lot of money in the beginning. You have to be creative, consistent, and persistent, and then it will turn into what you want it to be. Shane: In network marketing, people follow people not products. dōTERRA has an incredible product line that many of us would still buy even if there was no money attached, but when you’re building a business you have to create your own identity. Systems are duplicable, but people are not. You absolutely have to brand yourself in a way that is true to who you are. Own your power and your space, and people will naturally follow you. Shane: I hear people say all the time, “I’m in it because I just want to help people.” That’s noble and wonderful, but when you have the resources of a Presidential Diamond, your ability to reach farther and deeper and truly help people is in some sense unlimited. Many people who really want to help others can’t, because they don’t have the time or the financial resources. Presidential Diamond truly enables and empowers you to help many more people than you can otherwise. Rebecca: If people don’t rank advance, then they’re not helping anyone. The people they bring in underneath them can’t succeed unless they succeed. By reaching Presidential Diamond, you show your team what’s possible. You open the door to financial freedom for not just yourself, but your team. That enables you to truly serve. It’s just lip service if you don’t actually follow the plan, climb the mountain, and get it done. How do you work together in the business? Rebecca: We’ve always worked really well together. We look at what each of us wants to do and the strengths each of us has, and we pull off of those. We are both willing to listen to the other person and find out what each of us needs and that’s extraordinarily helpful. I know there are times when I have things that need to get done that I know Shane doesn’t want to do, but he does them anyway because he knows I need it. I think we’re both good at recognizing when the other person is overwhelmed and taking care of things for them. Shane: It’s about being humble enough to serve when the other person is not able to do something. You have to communicate and explain what you need, but also be willing to listen enough to understand what is needed and take action. How have you learned to balance business and family? Rebecca: We always put our family first. We probably could’ve reached Presidential Diamond a little sooner had we not put the needs of our family first, but we made the decision to make sure our kids were number one. Shane: Put family first, and it always comes together. Why would someone want to reach Presidential Diamond? Rebecca: It’s like getting to the top of the mountain and getting to see the view. You get to take a rest. You’ve achieved a goal, and you can reap the benefits. Why start if you’re not going to finish? Why climb the mountain if you’re not going to reach the top? People think that it’s going to be more work, but they will find that if they stick with it, they will reach a pinnacle where they can enjoy their job more than they ever have before. 4 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 Wait for the Marshmallow The Marshmallow Experiment “There was a famous study done where children were put in a room and given one marshmallow. They were told if they could sit for a short period of time without eating the marshmallow, they would get a second marshmallow. Some children ate the marshmallow, and some had the patience to wait for the second. They did a long-term study on these children and saw that those who waited had the ability to perform at a higher caliber throughout their life and their careers.” The dōTERRA Marshmallow “I feel like this study is happening at dōTERRA. The people who have the ability to wait for the income are a different caliber of people than those that have to receive instant gratification. I think the hardest thing for us to do while growing our business was to wait for the marshmallow. But, the waiting is the thing that makes it great. That defines you.” It’s Worth the Wait “Wait for your marshmallow. Go ahead and wait it out, because it’s going to amount to achieving Presidential Diamond. Be willing to wait for the results, because when you get there and you have it—you will have double. It will be better than you ever thought it would be.” www.doterra.com 5