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“It’s been awesome to see my whole family grow in this journey.” NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Clean Eating K & David & Karla Banks PLAIN CITY, OHIO, USA Essential Oils arla Banks runs a program called She also found it easy to bring her With the growth of her dōTERRA the clean eating challenge that she clean eating challenge and essential business, Karla has opportunities to do started out of her husband, David’s, oils together. Karla says, “This works so things with her other businesses that gym. She started noticing people using well for us, because we understand the she wouldn’t have been able to before. essential oils and got curious, so she whole picture of natural health. If you’re She says, “Normally in business you’re reached out to a friend who was using eating a clean, healthy diet and using oils, making decisions based on the fact that dōTERRA to learn more. Because she the rate of success goes way up. The already knew a lot about the importance of natural health, she thought that essential oils made sense. Right away, she started thinking about how well they would combine with her clean eating program. Karla started sharing essential oils with the people who already trusted her to coach them on nutrition and health. She says, “That made it easy. You can reach people faster because they trust you already.” As an entrepreneur, she saw the opportunity behind dōTERRA, and she knew she results people get just blow them away.” Because Karla also owns a photography business, she and David are really busy keeping track of several companies at once. She says, “One of the biggest obstacles for me is deciding where to put my priorities. I want to get places fast, so I put in a lot of hours and can get overworked. But, one of my strengths is time management and I’m highly organized. I do most of my work while my kids are at school. I try to maximize my time.” could achieve success. you need income. Since we have this solid business where we’re making a good amount of money, we can make some different decisions. It gives us the freedom to do what we love and be more flexible.” All in all, Karla is happy that dōTERRA has enabled her to continue helping other people get healthy on an even broader scale than before. She says, “To see people’s lives change is a huge motivating factor for me. I see one person after another having significant health improvements, and that’s the driving force behind it all.” PLAN FOR DIAMOND MAKE A CONSISTENT PLAN PLAN TOWARD YOUR GOAL REEVALUATE ON A REGULAR BASIS “I’ve run a lot of distances, and I know that you have to have a plan to get there. You need both a long term plan and a short term plan so you’re always consistently working toward it.” “If you don’t have a plan, you could be working toward nothing and that’s not going to work for you. Decide what steps you need to do on a weekly basis to get to where you want to go.” “Look back on the bigger picture. See where the things you’re doing are taking you, and if they’re working. Analyze what’s happening and make changes if necessary.” “At first, I just knew I loved oils and people and started sharing and enrolling. You can’t get so focused on the business part that you stop doing those foundational things.” 38 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 www.doterra.com 39