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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS SEE THE BIG PICTURE Aaron & Dr. Rachel Whaley BURLESON, TEXAS, USA Enrich&Empower “I want people to be empowered to know that there are other options out there and have a safer atmosphere to raise their kids.” One day, Rachel’s upline called to tell her she had about 25 people on her frontline—it was time to start learning how to structure. 1 FIND MOTIVATION. “With any business there are going to be highs and lows. A lot of times, people get discouraged. Know that every time you share, you have the potential of changing someone’s life. Use that as motivation to spur you on in the tough times.” 2 BE PATIENT. “Following up, being reachable, and building 3 AIM HIGHER. “A lot of times people get stuck at Silver relationships are often more important than when your next enrollment is going to come. Sometimes you might be planting seeds that take a little bit longer to harvest, but persevere, be patient, and it will come.” and get really discouraged. I try to help my builders aim for Gold. That way, they have a better chance of not getting stuck at a certain rank, and they won’t get that same discouragement that so many people do.” “I have about 750 people come into my office every week, so I end up getting a lot of enrollments,” Rachel says. “Figuring out how to place people where they can be supported the most can be really 4 DREAM BIG. “Allowing yourself to dream and see the bigger picture can pay off. I would have never foreseen what was possible for my team if it weren’t for my upline mentoring me and pointing things out that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.” trying. I wanted a little bit of help and guidance.” So, she decided to sign up for a couple of programs and competitions to help her learn what she needed to. These propelled her to hit Gold, and then she didn’t want to stop there. She says, “I saw how easy it could be to help others that were in need. I saw how this could be a blessing to many of my clients’ lives who are looking for something to provide for their family.” Rachel is motivated to continue building her dōTERRA business for the same reason she is motivated to be a A client came into Dr. Rachel Whaley’s say things almost identical to what months. When she finally had a need chiropractic office one day and Rachel taught her patients every day. for them, she found they were effective That caught her attention. She says, and decided to incorporate them more “By the end of the meeting, I was fully into her daily life. Then, Rachel’s upline invited her to an essential oils class at her home. To this day, Rachel isn’t sure why she said yes. She went to that class to expand upon what she was already doing. She says, “I want to empower people’s lives and enrich them to find safer, more natural means to raise their approached her about holding classes families. I’ve seen how much dōTERRA most questions.” in her chiropractic office. Rachel still had can help fulfill that need that people are no intention of doing the business, but looking for. I just want to preach it to the wondering when this class would be She bought a kit that night, but then agreed to hold the classes and started world that there are other answers that over, she started to hear the teacher didn’t open the box for another four to have lots of people enroll under her. they can turn to.” skeptical that she would learn anything she didn’t already know. As she sat there 34 chiropractor. dōTERRA has allowed her dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 engaged, and I was the one asking the www.doterra.com 35