Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 32

NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND Victoria Strelnikova REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, USA THE RIPPLE EFFECT V ictoria Strelnikova was just finishing up massage school when her teacher introduced her to dōTERRA. She attended a class and fell in love with essential oils. She began using them on her clients and her family and saw great results. She says, “After four months as a product user, I could not stay quiet. I wanted to share this with everyone.” In Russia, where Victoria is originally from, there is a stigma against network marketing. Victoria did not want to be seen as someone who pushes a sale, but she had always “This company has a loving heart. They care about the Earth, people, and the countries where they grow their plants, and they are generous with their Wellness Advocates.” and financial prosperity in families, results. Before my first meeting with a house and their younger son while she communities, and the world.” new massage therapist, I drop off the works. Now that she’s hit Diamond, AromaTouch Kit and DVD for them Victoria is making the same amount to watch and try out. A few days later, of money as her husband does as a It was hard for Victoria to make the decision to give up her career as a massage therapist to focus on dōTERRA full time. She had just graduated from school and was successful and gifted in her job. She says, “But, dōTERRA stole my heart. It was my passion, because it got me out of my comfort zone and helped me to develop as a leader. Helping I ask if they can give me the AromaTouch treatment instead of a massage. computer programmer. Of course, they love it and enroll For Victoria, the most important key soon after incorporating oils into their to her success has been learning how practice with great success.” to believe in herself. She says, “Believe Victoria’s husband wasn’t supportive at first because of all they had invested in yourself, because you are worth it. If I can do it, you can.” She knows she can’t stop without helping her team get others is my natural state of being.” into her massage therapy school and She has had a lot of success sharing dōTERRA. Recently, he joined her on and work less, but I feel responsible for dōTERRA with other massage therapists. the incentive trip to Jamaica and started helping my frontline leaders reach their She says, “I believe that oils will enhance using and sharing the products. He has big goals. I will be even happier for them any massage and give clients amazing also been helpful taking care of the than I have been for myself.” all the money she was putting into to where she is. “I want to play more YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN SET A DAILY ROUTINE. “I have an hour of power in the morning—gratitude, prayer, meditation, exercise, looking at my vision board, reading an inspirational book—and an evening mirror exercise where I reflect and acknowledge my daily victories with powerful affirmation. This has helped give me better self-esteem, confidence, and belief in myself.” loved helping people and she believed that dōTERRA was different from other companies. After attending convention, she got excited about the executives’ DO IT FOR OTHERS. “Make sure that your purpose is to benefit others. Choose to help people. This business is not about hunting people trying to sign them up. Love helping others, educate them constantly, and be generous.” mission and felt that it aligned with her own. She says, “I wanted to continue to be the catalyst that creates a ripple effect of health, happiness, abundance, “Give unconditionally to your leaders of your time, support, love, friendship, new people, resources, materials, and training. Everything you give out will come back to you.” 32 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 HAVE GRATITUDE. “If your leaders stop progressing for whatever reason, you cannot be frustrated with them. What you focus on will only expand, so you may find yourself attracting more things to be frustrated about. The trick is to remain grateful for every outcome. Gratitude is the miracle cure for every moment of anxiety and disappointment.” GO BACK TO THE BASICS. “If you do the basics—at least two new contacts and follow-ups a day— it actually works and produces results. You’ll notice you never run out of people to work with. I spend an enormous amount of time working on the basics daily.” www.doterra.com 33