Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 30

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Kyle & Katee Payne WEST HAVEN, UTAH, USA A B E T T E R PLAN W 30 hile working as a dental hygienist and as a nanny on the weekends, Katee was diagnosed with depression. She was extremely exhausted all the time, but felt uncomfortable with the diagnosis and started looking for other options to help with her problem. She attended an oil class taught by Robin Jones, who recommended she try Lifelong Vitality. Katee says that within three days of receiving her vitamins, she felt a complete turnaround. She says, “From there, I felt compelled to learn all I could about dōTERRA.” Feeling young and inexperienced, Katee had been reluctant to step into a leadership role with her team. She decided she needed a mentor to help her and found Tiffany Peterson online. She says, “I had a free consultation with her, and she told me her price—it was the same amount of money I was making monthly with dōTERRA. But, I still felt strongly about doing it.” She made the investment, and it made all the difference in her business. “She opened my mind to the idea that I was a leader, and I had something to offer my team.” Once Robin told Katee about the business opportunity, she was excited to get involved. After reaching Silver, she hit a wall and wondered if she could continue. Then, someone in her downline called her and told her she needed an upline. She wanted to know if Katee was going to be her leader or not. At that point, Katee was working full time, was a new mom, and was trying to run a business. She felt overwhelmed. After getting off the phone with her downline, she went and told Kyle that she was going to quit dōTERRA. She says, “Kyle calmed me down and peptalked me. Shortly after, I decided to make a mission statement about dōTERRA, my future, and my family, and how it all fit together. It just started flowing, and I felt like I knew again that this was where I was supposed to be.” Katee eventually quit her job and started working toward bringing Kyle home as well. From there, they were able to hit Diamond. Kyle has since learned the benefits of letting go of carefully laid plans. He says, “We busted our butts to get us both educated and in good-paying jobs, and I was really attached to that plan. Now, I know that you need to recognize those times when diverging from your plans will bring a lot more blessings. Honor those feelings that are confirming that you need to go to a greater path.” Katee adds, “I never in a million years would have ever thought that a 24-yearold girl with no knowledge of business would be able to get to where we are now. I was happy doing what we were doing, but this is a better plan than I ever could have imagined.” dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 “No matter how good of a plan you lay out for your life, don’t be beholden to it. There just might be something better out there.” –Kyle BECOMING A LEADER Always start within. “What you’re creating is a direct reflection of what is within you, so start with yourself. Find what your strengths are and utilize them the best you can. Be aware of your weaknesses and do your best to strengthen them.” –Katee Follow the leaders. “So many people feel like they need to reinvent the wheel and know everything. Instead, follow those who ha ve been there before. Take their counsel and implement it.” –Kyle Trust in the process. “Sometimes the process is long. People start to lose faith when success doesn’t come at the speed they want it to. Don’t quit. As long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to, you will be successful.” –Kyle Invest in yourself. “If you’re committed to making this work, you have to invest in your business. The number one investment would be yourself. Hire a coach, take online classes— work on personal development. It’s so important.” –Katee www.doterra.com 31