Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 15 - Page 28

“Have a clear vision, a clear plan, and then act on it.” NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND Holly Lo SHELBURNE, ONTARIO, CANADA Drawn to the Cause “Allow yourself to change through this business. Allow yourself to show the difference that leadership and personal development has made for you.” T hough she owned a holistic-focused mom and baby store, Holly Lo had an extreme intolerance to every essential oil she had ever come across. She says, “If anyone opened lavender near me, I would have a headache so bad that I would see spots. If I touched it, I would get hives on my hands. It made me sad, though, that I couldn’t use any of these amazing options when I was so in love with natural remedies.” Her friend Dawna Toews convinced her to try dōTERRA essential oils, and Holly was shocked at how fast they worked and that she had no reaction to them at all. She didn’t want to do the business at first, but as her faith grew in the products she realized how many people needed them and the possibilities that were available with d