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NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND “I want every mom across the globe to know about the empowerment that comes with having something to do from the comfort of your own home.” Jessica Roberts BOISE, IDAHO, USA Dwell in Possibility J essica Roberts had already used situation, they could elevate themselves many leaders and spread ourselves essential oils for years before she to something greater.” thin. We need to structure in a way that heard about dōTERRA. She never went to a class or had any formal training, but she got two oils that she was able to try on her family. Right away, she knew she wanted to get involved in the business. She was having a lot of people come up to her and ask how to use essential oils, and she wanted to share the empowerment she got from the oils From the beginning, Jessica decided she was going to be Presidential Diamond, and hitting Diamond is a great milestone on that path. She had a lot of limiting beliefs to get past on the way. She says, “I’m a stay-at-home mom, I have no colleg RFVw&VR