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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Steve & Sandie Jensen CAMAS, WASHINGTON, USA ROAD TO “With the size of our family, this is the perfect business for us. We tag team on everything and help each other succeed. dōTERRA has become the vehicle for our goals and dreams to become reality.” –Steve S andie’s first experience with the company was attending a class taught by Lil Shepard. This discovery of using essential oils to support the body immediately resonated with Sandie and she knew she must implement them into her life. She was looking for answers Abundance leave it alone. Sandie immediately began his time away from them was taking its sharing her newfound passion with toll. Steve and Sandie had always really anyone willing to listen. enjoyed spending as much time together Steve and Sandie are true entrepreneurs at heart, and after experiencing the quality and effectiveness of the products combined with a sound compensation plan, they came to the realization that they were sitting on a gold mine. Sandie says, “We were searching for answers to both our physical and financial struggles at the time, and we quickly discovered that our involvement in this venture was the remedy for both of those challenges as possible. From the beginning of their relationship, they had worked several jobs together. The Jensens had always thrived working as a team, so it was a perfect fit when they discovered dōTERRA. A little more than a year after starting their journey, Steve was able to make the shift to working dōTERRA full time. Steve is grateful to be home raising his children with his wife and to be present for his youngest son’s first in our lives.” years of life. Sandie is grateful to have anxiety and depression. She was also very Before dōTERRA, Steve worked in manage- a daily basis. Steve always wanted to impressed by the people she met at the ment for an orthopedic bracing company, be there for Sandie and help ease her class and felt drawn to their product spending hours away from his family suffering, but didn’t know how. Now, and mission. From the moment she working and sometimes traveling for he says, “dōTERRA has facilitated the left the class, her journey of awakening long periods. With their young growing turn around to a life that is more and empowerment began. She couldn’t family and Sandie’s debilitating anxiety, abundant with resources and joy.” the companionship of her husband on Success TIPS to aid her in her battle against severe “We feel abundant in every way, like we are living the dream. We get to work together from home, raise our children together, and help and bless others while doing something we are passionate about.” –Sandie 22 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 EMBRACE THE CULTURE GET INSPIRED STICK WITH IT “We love the values and culture of this company and the principle that you succeed by helping others succeed. I love that it’s a journey of personal development, growth, and refinement.” –Sandie “Find ways to inspire yourself every single day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Keep learning and that will make an enormous impact on your business. It will feed you what you need to propel your business forward.” –Steve “Our market is every single person at any stage of life. That represents billions of people we can influence. Stay the course even when it’s hard and you feel like giving up. When you have a challenging day, stop, put your oils on, breathe, and remind yourself why you started sharing oils in the first place. The only way to not succeed at this business is to give up.” –Sandie www.doterra.com 23