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NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND Oils for the Mind Dr. Danielle Daniel “I never imagined how much joy I would receive from this business.” D SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA r. Danielle her practice and soon realized that in and was able to quit her fulltime job. Daniel is a her current setting she was limited in what She hit Diamond five months later. doctor of clinical she could do. “I wanted the freedom to psychology student incorporate essential oils into mental and has a master’s health in a way that I wasn’t allowed to in in social work. She a corporate environment. That’s when I had already been started my dōTERRA business.” using essential oils when she was introduced to dōTERRA. Danielle says, “I already had a ton of oils, so I wasn’t interested.” Then, her friend Kierston Kirschbaum invited her to the west coast conference, and Danielle went to learn more about essential oils. It was there that she was inspired by Dr. Hill to do her doctorate research on essential oils and the brain. Danielle started building her business while working full time and studying for her doctorate. She made sure to devote at least two hours every day to her dōTERRA business, often working 12 to 15 hours a day. On Saturdays, she focused on her doctorate. She always made sure to not do any work on Sundays. She says, “That helped me manage my schedule the rest Though her life is still busy, Danielle is grateful that it’s now stress free and full of meaningful relationships. She says, “I have a deep connection with my builders that has enhanced my life. Being able to develop these relationships with people that I love and care about has benefitted me so much.” Since starting dōTERRA, Danielle has been able to present her research on essential oils at mental health clinics and hospitals all over the country. She also works with an organization for autism and developmental disabilities to incorporate essential oils into their training and education. “At that point, I hadn’t decided to change of the week. If I’d worked on Sundays, my career path,” Danielle says. “I just knew I would’ve burned out. Taking that day finances that dōTERRA has given me has I was going to be paving the way so other off helped me feel recharged and allowed me to make a difference in the mental health practitioners could learn refreshed so I was ready to go Monday mental health world with essential oils. how to integrate essential oils.” She began morning.” After working at that rate for That’s something I’m passionate about, researching and implementing oils into two years, Danielle reached Platinum 100 percent.” She says, “The freedom of time and Ocean Rules 16 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 KEEP SURFING. MASTER THE BALANCE. GET BACK ON THE BOARD. KEEP THE PERSPECTIVE. “I live down by the beach, and I love surfing. ‘Surf life’s rough waves’ is one of my ocean rules that I tell myself constantly, especially when I am struggling. It helps me remember that I just have to keep surfing.” “Surfing is one of the hardest sports I’ve ever done. You have to balance on a small board on a moving wave and every wave is different. You have to learn how to surf things that are unstable.” “As you surf life’s rough waves, you start to master that balance no matter what new wave comes at you. Sometimes you get tumbled, but you get back up on the board.” “Remembering my ocean rules helps me keep in perspective that normal life isn’t meant to be a little cruise ship sailing along. It’s meant to be full of hurdles that we can overcome.” www.doterra.com 17