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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Jonathan & Amy Carver HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA A Independent Spirit my Carver was happy being an esthetician and was not looking for anything else in her life. Then she met Maree Cottam who introduced her to dōTERRA, and Amy was immediately curious about what these oils could do. Once she saw how effective they are, she not only wanted a big kit, she wanted to do the business. Her husband, Jonathan, was just as excited to get involved. Amy says, “We jumped right in as a couple. We both felt so good about it, and we hit it full force.” Jonathan had been involved in a couple of other network marketing companies before, and he believed that it was a method of business that could provide freedom for his family. dōTERRA was the vehicle that really made it happen. By their second month, the Carvers were Gold. Amy quit her job soon after, and Jonathan followed about a year later. It was an adjustment for the Carvers to work together from home, but they’ve learned to be patient and focus on each other’s strengths. Jonathan says, “Diamonds don’t form without pressure.” They were scared, but they did it. Amy comfort zone for a long time, and morning and see her happy, smiling says, “You have to do something daily that’s how she reached Diamond. face. We don’t have to miss those every that puts you out of your comfort day opportunities to be with the ones zone, because that’s where you grow. Now, dōTERRA has given the Carvers Your dreams are outside of your the freedom to spend as much time Amy adds, “It’s been a dream come comfort zone, not where you’re sitting.” as they want with their new daughter. true. Words can’t even express how She knows that she’s been out of her Jonathan says, “We get to wake up every grateful we are.” we really love and care the most about.” “We know each other’s strengths, and we try to set each other up for success by allowing each of us to thrive in our own personal abilities.” Amy adds, “Trust in the process, because it’s such a blessing to be able to work together.” They’ve also learned the importance of working as independent business owners as soon as possible. Amy says, “Fire your upline. Make sure you’re taking this into your hands, because this is your business. You have support, you have cheerleaders, but you don’t have a boss. Each of us is independent, and we have to go our own way, succeed, and fly.” Their upline had them doing a booth by themselves a week and a half into their dōTERRA business. 5 Consistent Tasks to Get to Diamond: 1. Find people. Make at least two contacts a day. 2. Learn how to properly invite people to classes. 3. Effectively teach classes or one-on-ones. 4. Learn how to properly enroll and structure. 5. Duplicate these steps to your team. “Do these things consistently and you’ll hit Diamond. What you put in is what you’ll get out.” –Jonathan –Amy 12 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 www.doterra.com 13