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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Doug & Jennifer Brady CHATHAM, ILLINOIS, USA W hen Jennifer Brady’s friend and you don’t achieve your goals unless Another time-saving technique of introduced her to dōTERRA, you help your leaders to meet their goals. Jennifer’s is to hold two or three big the essential oils helped her so much I love that. dōTERRA has changed my events a month rather than a lot of that she became completely sold on the life so hugely that I want to change classes. She holds them at her family’s product. But, she had no desire to do everyone’s life.” conference center and has all her dōTERRA as a business. She was already busy homeschooling four children and running a full-time camp and conference center ministry with her husband, Doug. She says, “We actually live on the grounds of our ministry, so our house is like a revolving door of people all the time. I thought there was no way I was going to be able to do a dōTERRA business, but it just happened.” She’d heard the network marketing philosophy that you need to put your family on hold for a couple years while you grow your business. Jennifer completely disagrees. She says, “Your family has to come first. You cannot put your family on hold. Their quality of life can’t change just because you’re starting a business.” When Jennifer about yourself. Make it about helping others and meeting the needs of other people.” “Don’t make your business 10 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2015 at least one introductory class and one themed class. At the end of the night, people sign up with whomever brought them. She says, “Instead of trying to book 100 small classes, I get everyone together for the excitement. It’s about using your time well and working smart, not hard.” started teaching classes in the evenings, dōTERRA has changed the lives of As Jennifer shared the product, a team she learned to get a crockpot ready in Jennifer’s entire family—and beyond. came about. She realized that dōTERRA the morning so her family would always She says, “We now have more that we meshed well with everything she was have a meal to eat whether she was can give financially, and we can just already doing. She went to convention there or not. She even wrote a cookbook share oils with people who need them, in 2013 as an Elite, and by December of called 30 Super Easy Crockpot Recipes. but can’t afford them. We feel like this the next year became the first Diamond “My passion is to help women build their business is one of our life purposes. in Illinois. She says, “dōTERRA is set up so family while they’re building a business.” We see it as our second ministry because beautifully that you don’t rank advance Another Ministry leaders invi te people. They always have of how many lives are changed.” TI ME MA N AGE ME N T FOR B US I N E SS AN D FAM ILY GET A PLANNER PRIORITIZE FAMILY DECLUTTER “Color code it. On mine, dōTERRA is purple, family red (because family is most important), and church yellow.” “Don’t schedule anything when you have family things. Don’t let anyone talk you into it. Family comes first.” “Get rid of the stuff in your home that you don’t need so that you can have room to bring in the good.” MAKE A SCHEDULE “Plan out your cleaning and meals. Get a crockpot. I literally use my crockpot every day, and it’s been my lifesaver.” ASK FOR HELP “Don’t be afraid to ask your family for help. My children have chore charts they have to complete every day, and it takes things off my plate.” INVOLVE YOUR FAMILY “My kids come to classes and travel with us, make samples, pack my bags, and set up tables for classes.” “My kids see dōTERRA not as something that takes mom away, but something we do as a family.” www.doterra.com 11