Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 99

personal and financial growth you will receive and the thousands of people you’ll be able to impact will make it all worth it.” Within 13 months, the Sarans were Diamond. They’ve homed in on memorizing statistics to show people they’re sharing with that dōTERRA is an incredible business opportunity for anyone. They make sure to openly address the concerns they know everyone has about network marketing. They compare the amazing growth and retention dōTERRA has seen in the past few years with that of other network marketing companies. They show people how dōTERRA is different. Roxy says, “In the end, there’s no pressure. We just want to educate and empower people, then offer them support and help along the way.” Through dōTERRA, Roxy’s family no longer has to fear for their financial security, and that’s something she wants everyone to have. The Sarans were both born in Romania and have been spreading the financial freedom of dōTERRA over there as well. Roxy has seen it make a big difference in their lives. Even a $250 bonus doubles a Romanian’s average monthly income. Roxy says, “Our goal is to help over 1,000 families become financially secure. We’ve been given a gift, and our job is to give it back to other people.” Advice for Business Builders: “We focus on educating and helping people, and the money and the ranks work themselves out.” 1 2 3 Don’t give up. “We all get d