Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 97

“dōTERRA is not like any other network marketing company because they don’t have the hype. They’re product and education focused. It’s not like anything else out there.” –Jon but they’re grateful for the opportunity. because we had to dig in and change gives you a great feeling when you get Kendra says, “There is no one I would how we think. We thought we were OK an oil bottle in somebody’s hands and rather work with than my husband. I before, but when we got into dōTERRA they call you back later saying how much know he has my back at all times.” we discovered all the self-development it helped them.” Kendra adds, “That’s we needed.” what drives us to do this—when we look Jon had already retired from his previous career when they started their They’ve also discovered how fulfilling dōTERRA business, but the Bodines this kind of work can be. Jon says, “It’s found they still had a lot to learn. neat to know that you can earn a living Kendra says, “It has been rough for us, and help people at the same time. It Be Yourself at the changes happening with other people and the changes happening with us. dōTERRA has turned things around for us, and we’re so grateful.” “If you don’t believe, you can’t do anything.” –Kendra Don’t beat yourself up “I used to think I had to be good at the business side of things or there was . something wrong with me. Finally, I discovered I don’t have to be an expert at everything.” Find your gifts. “Sometimes we try to force ourselves to be what we’re not. It’s good to grow and expand, but we all have our gifts, and we need to use them.” Be proud of who you are. “I don’t need to be anyone else. I know I have the gift of connecting with other people, and I claim that now. I own who I am, and I’m proud of it.” www.doterra.com 97