Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 95

“This opportunity has no limits. I don’t consider myself a good salesperson, – but I realized that doTERRA wasn’t selling stuff door-to-door, it was empowering people, educating people, and most of all sharing the product.” English, dōTERRA is a good opportunity for anyone that wants to do it.” From the start, Perla believed in the product as something that worked and could help others. Simply by sharing with friends who visited from Poland and Simple Sharing Use the oils. “Once you use it, you know it’s going to work. If it will work for you, it will work for someone else.” attending open markets in Mexico, doors opened up and today her business continues to grow. Reflecting on her experience with dōTERRA, Perla says, “Some people are really prepared. This was something they were looking for and they grasp it. Others take so long to realize what they have, and I think I’m one of them. Open your mouth. “When there is an opportunity to share, just share, and then the information will start spreading.” If you’re stumped on what to share, share Peppermint. “Any blend that has Peppermint in it, people can’t get enough of. They try it, and they want more.” I’m still discovering every day how great dōTERRA is and how many lives I’m affecting just by sharing something good in my life.” Don’t worry about using a particular system. “I know that there are systems that work and that’s great, but I’m not that organized. I use it and share it.” www.doterra.com 95