Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 92

ND R R O dōTE Chad & Susan Walby S NEW NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS A DIA M Bozeman, Montana, USA A Creative Focus “I love to travel and teach about essential oils and yoga together. With the two combined, people just get it on a deeper level. The movement of yoga helps give the oils a more synergistic effect.” W hen Susan Walby let her friend hold a dōTERRA essential oils class in her yoga studio, she was the only person to show up when she came to unlock the door. All it took was opening a bottle and Susan told her friend she didn’t need to hear any more. She says, “I grew up with essential oils, and it had been something I had been looking to incorporate back into my yoga studio. Right away, I just wanted to know how to sign up and get it.” 92 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I FALL 2014 Susan is an artist and owns a yoga studio, so she kept telling her upline she didn’t have time to get involved in a dōTERRA business. She sees now that she was already doing the business as she shared essential oils with her students, friends, and family. It was while attending her second convention that she really felt inspired to become a leader for her team. She says, “I saw leaders that viewed their team as a family and really cared about helping them achieve their goals. The focus was not on themselves, but on changing people’s lives by empowering them. That’s what spoke to me. I wanted to do the business to become an inspirational leader for my team.” She saw that dōTERRA as a company aligned with what she was already doing in her life as a yoga instructor. Her upline inspired her to do Diamond Club, and it was then that she started getting excited about becoming Diamond. She says, “The process of going through Diamond Club helped me understand how to help my team to grow. It was exciting to work toward Diamond with them not because of what I needed from them, but because of what I could do for them.” She feels that she built her business slowly, taking just under four years to reach Diamond, because for her it was more about the journey and the