Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 90

NEW Terumi Matsushima RA O E R ND dōT NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND DIA M Miyazaki, Japan An Open Path B efore dōTERRA, Terumi Matsushima Terumi is happy that she is able to share number one thing. Be frequent in had always misunderstood network the healing power of essential oils with using the products and building your others and contribute to society through business, and the path will surely open marketing as a pyramid scheme. She says, “I would have never imagined myself her business at the same time. She is up. It is also important to understand succeeding in a network marketing busi- proud to work for a company that isn’t and think about what others would ness. It was the products that interested focused on money. Terumi loves that she want by putting yourself in their shoes.” me first.” After she heard her upline, is able to work for not only her success, Terumi helps people experience the Riyo Ogawa, talk passionately about the but that of her whole team. She says, products right on the spot and always mission of dōTERRA, she became excited “My team hopes for my success from makes sure to follow up frequently with about becoming a leader like Riyo. Terumi the bottom of their hearts, and we work those she has shared with. says, “The products truly bring happiness together as a team in order to succeed.” to people, and on top of that, I felt like I had a worthwhile business opportunity that I would have never had otherwise. I felt good about joining dōTERRA from the bottom of my heart.” 90 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I FALL 2014 Terumi knows it’s important to share When sharing the business opportunity, with her team why she puts so much Terumi emphasizes that everyone effort into her dōTERRA business, and must first love the products. She says, what she plans to do with her success. “Prioritize loving the products as your She says, “Those things will add more