Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 9

“I do my best to focus on the positive and trust in the process. It’s ok to have challenges. It’s all going to work out.” every single moment I didn’t have with grow into their most powerful selves— more self-assured now. I can help her. I trusted that if I threw myself into that in and of itself is so gratifying. people create the lives that they want. this fully and completely that I would be It’s not just about earning money, I can empower people to be in control able to create a momentum that would but it’s also about creating a life with of their entire wellbeing. I have been sustain me.” like-minded individuals, surrounding able to learn about myself, grow yourself with things that you believe in, Now that she is Diamond, Joy has become passionate about sharing the and being able to support your family in through what used to be obstacles, and let go of limiting beliefs as a result the process.” of the work that I’ve done to create my says, “I have the opportunity to watch Joy now feels as though she has found this path, I am going to develop into a all these people blossom, develop, and her true purpose in life. “I am so much more powerful version of myself.” business opportunity with others. She business. I know that if I continue on A Culture of Support “We get to work in a cooperative environment where our success is owed to the success of the people underneath us. We get to help build their confidence, create their success, and watch them grow and blossom in the process.” Help everyone Get your leaders involved Figure out what they need Help them gain confidence “Keep supporting the people who are asking for help. Make sure you work with people deep down in your organizations.” “Pull in your leaders as much as possible so that everyone is learning from the experience and everyone is feeling empowered and included.” “Meet them where they need support even if you need to take an abnormal approach.” “The more we can accommodate the people on our team, the more we