Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 81

“If you focus on service, you won’t be nervous.” –Erin in people more than they believe in themselves. Neal says, “It’s seeing people not for what they are now, but what they can become.” Erin adds, “A lot of people don’t think they can be successful. You’ve got to be that belief level for them. You have to focus on what your people are good at, build on those strengths, and then work on their weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to push, challenge, and encourage people, but also let them evolve and mature in the way that they want to.” They are grateful for the changes dōTERRA has brought to their lives and for what they’ve been able to teach their children through the process. Erin says, “They’ve seen the joy, the struggles, the tears, and the laughter. They saw me set goals and work through them. Being able to instill in our kids what it takes to be successful is just as important to me as teaching them to read and write. This has changed our whole lifestyle.” “I was all for the business side while Erin didn’t even understand what she had because she was too busy going out and serving people.” –Neal 4 Things It Takes to Succeed Be approachable Work hard Study the material Have a great attitude www.doterra.com 81