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San Francisco, California, USA a powerful belief J oy had always used essential oils and immediately could tell that the dōTERRA products were high quality. Corinna Barrus, now a Blue Diamond, came to the natural health clinic where Joy worked. Corrina enrolled the clinic to receive the products, but Joy felt like she didn’t have time to do the business herself. Later, she was laid off from work and suddenly her time was free for dōTERRA. Corinna offered to mentor Joy and work closely with her to build a business. Joy says, “This opportunity seemed really unique in the sense that I could create my own reality in the way I had always dreamed of doing.” She jumped in and hit Gold in four months. She knows she owes a lot to Corinna’s support and mentorship. She says, “She had the foresight, direction, and experience to be able to home in and help me make it happen really quickly. We were a good pairing. We got along so well, and I really have her to thank.” As a single mom, it was important for Joy to feel the support that Corinna gave her. She was also motivated to build her business so that she could have more time to spend at home with her daughter. She says, “I had to sacrifice some of that time to get my business off the ground, but I made a point to stay really focused during 8 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I FALL 2014 ND RA O R E Joy Bernstein NEW dōT NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND DIA M “Maintain the belief that your business is going to happen and that you’re creating something really powerful.”