Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 79

Tips for New Builders Take a chance. Use the product and educate yourself. Fulfill every expectation of your upline mentor. Don’t expect anything.  Match the energy that is given to you. Do the work. Be grateful. Look for the good. Be positive. frontline, Amanda was skeptical. She She says, “I went home committed to Today, not only are the Olsens says, “Multi-level marketing didn’t sound growing my business. I learned that you financially free, but fulfilled. Amanda good to me, and I hadn’t tried the show you care by sharing and following says, “I live my life with more purpose product yet or anything.” Robyn had up. I made the mental switch from not and more freedom. I feel like it is my Laura Jacobs call her, and Amanda was wanting to bother people, step on toes, mission to help other people not only on the phone with Laura until one in or offend, to looking at all the things the financially reach their dreams, but the morning getting all her questions product has done for me and realizing, more importantly to reach their highest answered. She finally realized this was ‘How can I not share or follow up with potential as individuals. With this, they an opportunity she couldn’t turn down. people?,’ because I do care, and I want are able to create exactly what they to help.” Amanda was ready for a new want out of life. That brings me so reality and decided to take charge and much joy and happiness.” It was at Leadership Retreat that Amanda really felt like she could achieve success. believe in herself. “My husband is really excited to retire from his job and do this business together. He tells everyone he’s going to be a stay-at-home dad, and he’s so proud.” www.doterra.com 79