Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 67

“I do believe that success can happen with anyone who engages and really works. This is a job. It’s great, and it’s fulfilling, but you will have to work.” Tips for a Better Class Keep it fun and upbeat. Involve facts without making it boring. Allow people to stay engaged by asking questions throughout. Let them touch, smell, and use the oils to understand the benefits. Show them how the oils will be applicable in their everyday lives. “I found my success because no one felt like they were being sold to; they felt like they were being shared with, and receiving a product that was going to change their lives.” She used to think that she couldn’t be a good mom and work at the same time, but has found that running her dōTERRA business helps her be a better mom. She says, “I’m realizing that I can be a great mom and fulfill this purpose in my life as well. I feel really good about what I’m doing and it makes me happy. It doesn’t take away from me being an awesome mom.” Katie is proud that she has been able to financially support her family and pay off her husband’s student loans before he finished his residency. But, that’s not why she does this. She says, “I would share the oils even if I didn’t make an income. I did for a year. I grew organically and gave away everything I made in product. I feel like people need these in their homes, because it changed our lives.” www.doterra.com 67