Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 66

ND R R O dōTE Dr. Daniel & Katie Leverenz S NEW NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS A DIA M Corpus Christi, Texas, USA A Life-Giving Business W hen Katie Leverenz’s friend She says, “I would tell people, ‘I’m not With two kids under the age of two, started telling her about oils, doing this as a business, so please don’t Katie has found it a struggle to take Katie had no idea what an oil could feel pressured to buy from me,’ and care of her family and run her dōTERRA be outside of vegetable oil. She finally people ended up signing up with me business at the same time. She says, attended a class, ordered a kit, and anyway. I just kept sharing out of a need. “But, what I’ve found with dōTERRA is found that the essential oils worked I never had a strategy in mind.” It wasn’t it’s so life-giving and it’s so rewarding well for her family. Her husband, Daniel, until she hit Silver that she started to think that it ends up balancing out. I am still who is a physician, was interested in the about engaging more. She had been choosing to do this.” When her second scientific research he found about their working as a wedding photographer child was born, she planned to take a effectiveness. It was actually Daniel who and used that income to support her month off her business, but within two opened up her mind to the idea that family while her husband was in medical weeks found herself teaching a class maybe it wasn’t so crazy to use pure, school and later in residency. When she with her new baby in her arms. She hit natural oils to support their health. hit Silver, she started to realize that maybe Diamond for the first time that month. she could replace her income with She says, “I just couldn’t stop. This is dōTERRA if she actually put effort into it. definitely something I need to do.” Katie began sharing the essential oils with no interest at all in the business. 66 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I FALL 2014