Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 64

“People’s biggest hurdle is confidence. Once they start seeing the business work for people who are close to them, they understand that it’s achievable.” –Ryan ND R Windsor, Colorado, USA R O dōTE Ryan & Melissa Herman S NEW NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS A DIA M Value Your TIME A fter telling Peggy Smith no at least 10 times, Melissa Herman received dōTERRA essential oils in the mail and was amazed by how well they worked for her family. Melissa’s family began using the oils regularly, but she still told Peggy she would never do the business. “I’m sure she was laughing. I found that it was very natural to use the oils around people and share with them. After a year of sending referrals to Peggy, I thought, ‘Why don’t I do this on purpose?’” Though Melissa was convinced, it was a whole other process to get her husband, Ryan, onboard. She says, “I could see the vision. I knew this was the right thing, but I had to work to keep the peace at home. I knew that ultimately it would work out, and it did. I think that determination made the difference.” For Ryan, it was when he saw his wife pouring her blood, sweat, and tears into her business that he understood how important it was to her. He says, “When you have a passion for something, it’s not necessarily a job. It’s something you want to do. When I saw Melissa begin to focus and treat this more like a real business, I wanted to provide more support and help for her.” Melissa says Ryan helps her to take some of the emotion out of her business and make good, practical decisions. She struggled for a long time spinning her wheels and focusing her time on the wrong things. She says, “I had to start valuing my time and my goals. I realized 64 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I FALL 2014