Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 63

“If we let go of the end results and let people choose what they really want, that will be much more powerful over time. We are here to inspire, lift, lead, and teach.” –Tiffany T ip s for N ew Peo p le When they chose to get serious about The Flakes have found that whatever and connect with them. We don’t all dōTERRA, Tiffany’s construction manage- obstacles they have run into in their have the same strengths, so as we work ment career was demanding much business come from within themselves. together our strengths can magnify of her time, so Mark took the reins in Tiffany says, “Sometimes we look for each other and we progress together.” building the business. Then one day, the answers to our problems outside of Emily Wright recommended that Tiffany ourselves, but the solutions to building get more involved again. Tiffany says, our business are always found in who “She really encouraged me to step more we are, how we think, and what we into a leadership role. Mark has always do.” They’ve had to grow personally more of it together as a family. Tiffany been good at having a big vision, while and learn how to intentionally focus says, “We can create what we choose I’m more detail-oriented and analytical. on creating relationships with others. in our lives and no longer be restricted I realized I need to stretch out and be Tiffany says, “We have to be curious by imaginary boundaries. We are so able to move on that spectrum more, so about people, learn from them, and ask grateful. This experience has opened up we decided to make that switch.” good questions to get to know them our world.” Though dōTERRA keeps them busy, the Flakes enjoy being able to choose what to do with their time and spend “Comparing yourself to others will only limit your growth. Just believe that you can make it.” –Mark How to Inspire 1 2 3 4 Believe in your vision. “Choose the vision you are creating and believe that it is coming rat