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As she strove to hit Diamond, Mary’s mantra became: “I’m a Diamond, it just hasn’t caught up with me yet.” envision a future with dōTERRA and tries Mary is constantly mentoring her team. to paint the whole picture of a dōTERRA She says, “The culture of my team is very Mary has this advice: “Never give up. lifestyle. She tells them, “Visualize on one positive. We’re always doing events around This is something that is a choice every hand the negative effects. If you stay stuck emotional healing, self-development, day. Nobody’s bribing you to do this. where you are today, what is that costing and focusing on growing as human You have to show up for yourself every you? Then visualize the opportunities beings. We also don’t always just have day. The more you work, the more it is and the blessings that you’re going to business meetings. We do a lot of fun going to pay off. If you keep doing it be giving other people.” Mary has been things together as well.” Mary is quick and are consistent, you will get there. able to motivate her team by helping to add that if people feel like a part of a It will happen.” them establish clear goals and truly see community, they feel more supported how they can take control of their lives. and are less likely to “fall by the wayside.” For those trying to achieve Diamond, S tructuring Ask people what motivates them. “You can spend a lot of time figuring out what motivates people. To save yourself that time, just ask them. Once you identify what motivates them, then you can speak to that.” Identify “A” players from “B” and “C” players. “‘A’ players are highly motivated because they have a lot on the line, and they have an emotional incentive that will keep them going. ‘B’ players could be ‘A’ players, they just haven’t ever been called on to perform 100 percent. ‘C’ players are talkers, not walkers.” Place your players. “Keep the ‘A’ players on your frontline and place the ‘B’ players under them.” Mentor and motivate. “Mentoring is not an individual sport. You need the entire team. The minute that somebody feels isolated, they’re going to quit pushing. A big key to motivating your whole downline is making them feel part of the group and creating a culture and a community that people want to be a part of.” www.doterra.com 55