Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 49

“Hitting Diamond represented all that I had overcome and who I was becoming.” she was already passionate about, How to Build a Successful Business and she knew she would be sharing a product that people really needed. Esther had no experience in network marketing, no college degree, and as a quiet, shy person, a dōTERRA business seemed far outside of her abilities. She says, “Part of why I did this is so I could overcome my limiting beliefs that had controlled me my whole life. With each breakthrough, I embraced the growing pains, and I saw how strong and powerful I really was. Each level of success that I achieved showed me that I can do this—I am doing this.” Esther was able to hit Diamond within a Create a vision board and place it where you see it every day. Visualize that you are already Diamond and that you’ve achieved your goal. Inspire and serve your leaders by equipping them rather than enabling them. Help them to be stronger and own their business. Don’t shoot for perfect; do your best and keep going. Set work hours and boundaries. If you do this well, you can build a successful business on just part-time hours. Help your builders break down a daunting goal into doable steps and show them how close they really are. Study and do what other successful Wellness Advocates are doing. Reading the Essential Leadership magazine over and over and emulating what I read made a difference for me. When you’re finished for the day, do one more thing. It’s the little things, done consistently and persistently over time, that make a huge impact. year and has maintained it every month since. She says, “I was the last person that this would happen to. There were so many cards stacked against me. It was not natural or easy for me to do. Now, I’ve been able to conquer my limiting beliefs and come to a place where I’m happy and fulfilled. I can be a bearer of hope and life to other moms who are struggling and who want a voice and an outlet to share with others. I want to look everyone in the eyes and tell them dreams can come true, and you can get what you deserve in life.” “My husband is my behind-thescenes rock. He’s an amazing pillar of strength for me. He believed in me before I believed in myself and that gave me the confidence to do this.” www.doterra.com 49