Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 47

Ho w to Build Re t e ntion “Retention comes from education, self-empowerment, and teaching people how to create solutions.” Connect Provide Support “Connect with people on a heartfelt level. Meet them where they are. ” “It’s about empowering people. You’re not doing it for them, but providing confidence, tools, and hope.” “When someone joins my business, I tell them they have joined a network of people who care about them. They have a place they can come to for support and education.” bring the oils to Haiti to help victims of mother of seven children, her family could future. She has been given the ability the 2010 earthquake. Today, she travels never spare the money to travel. Now, she to fulfill her purpose in life and leave a to Haiti every six weeks, sharing the can travel, serve, and do what she loves. legacy for her children. She says, “We oils with everyone she can. She says, She says, “For the first time in my life, are no longer limited by our finances. “To witness what’s possible with these aside from my role as a mother, I know We can all live in a creative space. If oils in such dire circumstances has that I’m doing exactly what I came to this we lived on a planet where everybody been extraordinary. It has completely planet to do. dōTERRA provides me with could focus on things they love and are a vehicle to serve, give, and do the things passionate about, I believe we would be that are the most important to me.” in a place of peace. That is why I am as changed the way I see life.” dōTERRA has become an amazing vehicle for Kristin to do what she’s Because of dōTERRA, Kristin’s family always wanted in life. As a homeschooling has a hope and a plan for their financial passionate as I am. I see this for every single W'6