Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 45

How It Works: In your first 60 days of being a Wellness Advocate:  nroll in the program by visiting your back office at E mydoterra.com or opt in during your enrollment process.  old events to share dōTERRA essential oils with others. H  elp prospects enroll and follow up to educate them on H essential oil uses.  edeem gift credits for one of the free product packages R offered through the Share Program. Example: Jennifer holds three events in her first 60 days. At the first event, Jennifer enrolls Michelle with a 132 PV order and David with a 98 PV order. Jennifer’s total PV for her first class is 230. At the second event, Jennifer enrolls Stacy with a 125 PV order and Sam with a 189 PV order. Jennifer’s total PV for her second class is 314. At the third event, Jennifer enrolls Phillip with a 400 PV order, Emily with a 100 PV order. Jennifer’s total PV for