Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 39

“If you’ll focus on the individual and speak life into them, you can bring hope and healing that they never had. Doing that, you can change the world.” —Jonathan it was something we needed to do for our team. We wanted them to see that it was possible, so we decided we were going to do that—and we did.” They went Diamond during the busy season for their Christmas lighting business, while at the same time Deanna had gotten pregnant with a miracle baby and was unable to travel. They were able to do it because of how well they work together, always picking up the slack when the other one was too busy. For the Nichols, it was never about the money but only about spreading the message of dōTERRA to as many people as they could. Jonathan says, “It was a movement we were creating, and we didn’t even realize it. I think you just run as far as you can with your passion and the money comes. The money isn’t there in the beginning; all you have is that drive to help people.” Deanna adds, “We’re at a place where we could just stop, coast, and enjoy what we’ve built, but we can’t just stop. There are so many more people that need to hear this.” How to build builders 1 2 3 4 Help them become a user. “They need to open their bottles and start using them. If they’re not a user, they can’t help someone else become one.” Teach them how to share. “Tell them to focus on people’s needs. Help them find healing, and then you can help them learn how to get their essential oils paid for.” Help them find three friends. “That is their support group. Help those three friends find three friends, and you’ve got your oils paid for.” Encourage generosity. “Once they know their oils are paid for and taken care of, they don’t hold back from sharing them. They want to hear the story of how the oils changed people’s lives.” www.doterra.com 39