Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 33

“d TERRA supports everyone no matter where you’re planted. This abundance mentality is what attracted us, and that’s a culture we have to be fierce about protecting and cultivating.” –Diane “Even though we’re two separate families, we’re all on the same page.” –Jessica Jessica says, “We’ve found that we have complementary skill sets, but 5 Tips on How You Can Plug-in other people can find that within their own teams rather than a business partnership. Find the team members that can fill in your weaknesses.” They have enjoyed taking advantage of the rich culture of abundance and generosity within dōTERRA by finding mentors in crossline leadership. Diane says, “We have networked to find what we need and where we’re weak, and we have had fabulous mentoring from Systems and trainings—Take advantage of the great systems and trainings that are available today through doterrauniversity.com, oilsu.com, dopro.com, sharesuccess.com, and more. Mentors and accountability—Find a mentor and accountability partner. You may need different ones at different times in your growth to take you where you want to go. Leaders teach and enroll—Don’t tell yourself that because you are supporting your team you are actively growing your business. You need to be actively enrolling your own leads right alongside them. all the top leaders in dōTERRA. They never hesitate to give us their time and attention. Our advice to anyone is to discover what you need and what you’re lacking and go find help for it. There are great resources within the dōTERRA family.” Pick one horse and ride it—Adopt one presentation that matches your business model and teach just that. Don’t switch horses. Adapt to niche audiences as needed. Understand the 80/20 rule—Focus 80 percent of your time and energy on the 20 percent of your business that gets results and advances your income. Work smart on the right things. www.doterra.com 33